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Unboxing Hanke Lee Enfield MKIII Gel Blaster

The Hanke Lee Enfield blaster, we've brought it back today in zhenduo blaster, an exact 1:1 replica that every WW2 fan dreams of owning, now available on Grab our discount for the most realistic 20th century rifle toy that will soon be in your hands.


This box is massive, every part is protected so well it can safely pass production and customs because it's mostly plastic pieces! Even for a plastic toy we package it like a precious artifact to reach you in perfect condition!

Unboxing reveals the classic assembly - stock, receiver, magazine, bolt and shells, including CNC machined solid copper shells and Foam darts!

The stock attaches to the main body with one long tail screw using the included screwdriver.

First connect stock to receiver. The stock has a small door on its end, insert screw horizontally through door.

Guide screw tip to hole to bottom by your weapon master spirit and tighten the screw.

Close door, 50% of Lee Enfield assembly complete!

Next the assembly of bolt body, a fiddly piece occupying the other 50% build time as it is the rifle's soul. Mostly plastic and metal, it handles the action so treat it gently.

Insert bolt body into receiver.

The bolt head has a rotating lug, point it receiver-ward as you push bolt body through the door hole on receiver ring.

The lug could should through this hole from the ring.

Press down bolt knob to lock in place.

Rack bolt a few times to test smooth function.

Insert mag from below and voila, Lee Enfield ready for battle!

Admire in all its glory!

Let's prep ammo. We suggest to use zhenduo blaster Foam darts for indoor sibling skirmishes to avoid parental dismay, those are the small red head from the box.

Zhenduo blaster metal shells add range, load into magazine.

Authentic Lee Enfield loading motion, ramrod action!

Or gently place it in one by one.

Safety off, commence sniping!

But collecting foam darts afterwards is a disaster. Gel balls burst on impact into tiny gel pieces that dissolve into dust in hours. Perfect for outdoor wars where mom won't fuss over mess scenario.

Rapidly fill shells with Kwolswan fast loader, switching from rifle to shotgun!

The bolt action rifle brothers - Lee Enfield and Kar98k, same play, different styles!

Precisely replicated proportions, body, muzzle, adjustable sights!

Substantial heft, Tally ho lads!

Even the swing swivel is metal!

Models side by side! Which will you choose? has all the replica classics. Beyond cool looks, our toy guns shoot gels, water, lasers, Nerf, foam - harmless ammo so no parental panics!

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