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LMGs (6)

The gel blaster lmgs are a type of gelsoft that are heavyweight and typically with an iconic large ammo magazine, players can enjoy spraying the blaster for their satisfaction! The durable parts and well made internals made them sustain the long time shooting in the match.

As you can see, the main lmg gel blaster we can provide is the m249 saw. It's made with nylon and paid attention to details, with good gearbox, it has a decent shooting range and performance.

The term LMG stands for Light Machine Gun, it's a kind of machine gun that with smaller size and large ammo capacity so that it can be handled by a single person. The lmg gel blaster is certainly any gelsoft players don't want to miss. The large gellets magazine can let you unleash the wraith to anyone you hate. As you can see, zhenduo blaster can only have m249 style lmg gel blaster to you, the m249 has really proven to be a durable and cool appearance toy gun.