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Gel Blasters (149)

High quality and a variety of best cheap water gel blasters gun for sale from zhenduo online store. These splatter ball guns are trendy and latest models for gel blasters market. Include assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, shotguns, LMG and pistols. Top grade material and fit with gel balls,  gel blaster upgrades accessories. Price is cheaper than those on amazon, walmart, ladinwu, anstoy, surge gun etc,.

For the US customers,  these gel blasters USA can be sent from China send to the USA. And here are US stock gel ball blasters. The Glock, P90, AKM-47, M1911 gel gun blasters are in US local stock! Shipping is Express & free. For US outlying islands, we can only ship gel blasting guns in US stock to there.

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The gel blaster guns fire hydrogel (usually sodium polyacrylate, commonly used in diaper products or in gardening to water flowers and plants) to saturate and form spherical pellets (commonly known as "gel ball",  "hydrogel ball", "water bullet" "water beads" or "gel Bead", "gel blastering gun" "splatter ball gun" "orby guns" in English), More than 99 percent of its mass and volume comes from adsorbed water molecules. 

The construction of the gel blaster gun is very similar to that of the airsoft, using a spring piston air pump to provide the firing force, and using manual operation or battery-driven internal motor to drive the gearbox to repeatedly compress the spring and pressurize the pump. Unlike the plastic shells of paint and airsoft guns, the gel balls fired by splatter ball gun are very fragile and will break inside the gun if the chamber pressure is too high, so the FPS and muzzle velocity energy are designed to be very low. Therefore, the range and accuracy of gel ball blaster gun are far less than that of airsoft gun, but the relative safety is greatly improved. As long as you wear safety glasses, you can play at ease without worrying about damage to the body and surrounding objects. The safety of gel ball gun is much higher than that of airsoft gun and paint bomb gun, even if there is a fault of jam.

Note: Only age above 14 can play the gel blasters toy gun, and pls do not take the gelsoft to the public for misunderstanding. We are not repsonsible for the misuse of the gel blaster.