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6-7mm (3)

these 6-7mm gel balls water beads can be act as decoration in festival or decoring the pot. Few gel blaster using 6-7mm gel balls now, these smaller gels are for some old types like jf 98k.  Zhenduo provide both water beads and round rubber bullets of 6mm ammo. The Price has lowered, bulk buy can be more cheaper, check now!

the 6mm gel balls are cheap made and were sold at a cheaper price here at zhenduo blaster toy shop as their demand is relative low compared with the 7-8mm gel balls. Some special modified gel blaster with a thinner inner barrel would fit this kind of smaller gellets, however the modifications requires knowledge and time. 

Beside serving the blaster purpose, the 6-7mm gel balls can also be used as a potting decoration or a decor for festivals, the fully grown up gel balls can support the plant acting as the role of soil.