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Sniper Rifles (23)

After the china cracking down on gel blaster market, there are fewer models remaining in the market. But these sniper gel blaster are still high quality construction made with good fire power. They can be sent to the USA and European union countries.

Some gelsoft sniper types shell ejecting version, you can't miss it if you are after this sort of toy gun type.

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The sniper gel blasters are the best choice for scoping wargame style and sneaky shot. Our sniper rfile gelsoft is super realistic wheter it's modern or WW2 style. The scope is a must have for the sniper rifle, and You can easily attach any scopes for the picatinny rail of the sniper gel blaster. With a cool and military style scope, you can fully enjoy the fun of the sniper.

Metal upgrades are also available for those gel blaster sniper to give them a powerful hit. Zhenduo can sell models like m24, awm, msr, m40a6, kar98k, svd , barrett m82a1 are the best selling type of gelsoft sniper gel ball blasters.