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Machine Gun Foam Blasters (12)

These are the best and cheap nerf machine guns and LMG foam dart blaster from zhenduo blaster shop. They are machine dart launcher style toy gun, typically with the large drum magazine or ammo belt like gatling. Most of the dart gun machines we sell are the electric battery powered type, which means you can spray your target with rain of foam darts for a longer time. Iconic LMG modes including m249, gatling, and other large drum nerf guns. Shipping is free to USA and some countries. check now!

Machine gun foam blasters are a type of foam blaster gun that are designed to look like machine guns. They are typically larger and more complex than other types of foam blaster guns, and may have additional features such as a high-capacity magazine and a rapid-fire mode. Like other foam blaster guns, machine gun foam blasters use air pressure or a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot foam balls or darts. They are often used in games and outdoor activities, and are popular among children.