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zhenduo blaster can provide the best cheap rifle gel ball blasters, made by renowned manufacturers like jinming gel blaster, lehui gel blaster etc,. Warranty is guaranteed. The range of models cover main toy gun type, you definitely can find the gel blaster you favor!

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The assult rifle gel blaster is the most powerful gel ball blaster among all types of gel blasters. They are made with strong construction and larger space for internal parts. The rifle gel blaster can be upgraded with great potential to reach a higher FPS. If you know the knowledge of choosing the suitble upgrade part set for upgrading, then you can make your own perfect gel blaster. This kind of gel ball blaster is highly ressemble to a real firearm, so be careful when taking it out and avoid public if necessary.

A rifle gel blaster is a type of gel blaster gun that is designed to look like a rifle. Gel blaster guns are a type of toy that shoot water-based gel balls, and are similar to foam blaster guns. Rifle gel blasters are typically larger and more complex than other types of gel blaster guns, and may have additional features such as adjustable sights and multiple firing modes. Like other gel blaster guns, rifle gel blasters use air pressure or a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot the gel balls. They are often used in games and outdoor activities, and are popular among children.

At zhenduo blaster, you can get a good range of rifle gel blaster. For example, AR15 type like m4, hk416c, hk416d, m16, sig552, acr, slr, aug styer, g36c,  scar, scal-l, scar-h, mk18, cz805, f4, etc,. And AK type like ak47 , ak74u , aks47, slr ak etc,. There is no customs issue for shipping them to US from China.