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ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 125.99
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The m249 gel blaster can only ship to USA from the US warehouse

The SAW M249 V4 is a gel blaster for the trigger happy. It features a massive magazine that will hold 800-1000 gel balls!


- 1:1 scale realistic m249 saw gel ball blaster.

- large magazine can hold up to 1000pcs gel balls ammp.
- Metal handle can be folded about 180° .
- Foldable bipod.
- Nylon Gen8 gearbox.
- 480 motor.


Brand: zehua

Material: Nylon + metal upper carry handle

Gel ball size: 7-8mm
Capacity: 1000 gel balls
Size: 97.5cm*34cm
Weight: 2kg

7.4v battery:
Fire power: 260 FPS
Rate of Fire: 10 RPS
Shooting range: 25m 

11.1v battery:
Fire power: 240 FPS
Rate of Fire: 20 RPS
Shooting range: 25m 

M249 gel blaster package:
1x ZH M249 Saw V4 Gel blaster toy
1x Bipod
1x Metal carry handle
1x Sling
1x Muzzle
1x Protection safety glasses 
1x 1000pcs capacity lmg magazine
1x Rechargeable 7.4V battery with usb charger
Packs of gel balls

Upgrades for m249 gel blaster available:

Hop up:

large butt stock:

metal barrel w/ t-piece:

m249 carry bag:

Customer Reviews



I absolutely love this this thing.! It is so badass!


The ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster is made from high-quality materials and features a metal construction for durability. It has a high-capacity magazine that can hold up to 2500 gel balls, and it can fire at a rate of up to 15 rounds per second. The blaster is also equipped with a hop-up system that allows for increased accuracy and range.


The ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster is a replica of the M249 machine gun used by the US military. It is a gel blaster, which means it fires small gel balls that are made of water-absorbing polymer material. The blaster is designed for use in recreational activities such as outdoor games and skirmishes.


The ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster is a well-made and impressive replica of the M249 machine gun. Its high-capacity magazine and fast firing rate make it a great choice for outdoor games and skirmishes, while its realistic appearance and attention to detail make it a great addition to any collection.


One of the standout features of the ZeHua ZH SAW M249 V4 Gel Blaster is its realistic appearance and attention to detail. The blaster features authentic markings and a realistic look and feel that make it a great choice for collectors and enthusiasts.


This is really strong and the accuracy has also improved. I feel that if I shouldn't shoot in the house, I also bought more than 200packs gels. This is estimated to last a year and not be used up. It’s not bad.


super realistic m249 saw style blaster, the butt stock is large, details are rich! love it