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Electric Automatic ZhenDuo X5 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

Electric Automatic ZhenDuo X5 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 49.99

The x5 gel ball gun can ship from US stock to USA.

And from China to UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe, Russia.

This is the New version of X5 gel blaster. It has an improved with motor and upgrade gears, so it has a better feeding and less issues than the former x5 blaster. The X-5 has a good build quality at an affordable price. It has a cool colt m1911 design.

X5 Features:

  • Solid nylon construction.
  • Electric blow-back.
  • Great rate of fire.
  • Last round hold-open.
  • Flashlight on the bottom.
  • Short, long and Large drum magazine.
  • Compatible with x2 mags.

Model: X5
Material: nylon
Gel ball size: 7-8 mm
Color: orange black
Weight: 695g
Dimensions: 33*18*8cm

Shooting range: 15-20m
Velocity: 140-150 FPS
Rate of fire: 12 RPS

Package Includes:
1x x5 gel ball blaster

1x 7.4v lipo battery and USB charger

1x holographic sight

1x Safety glasses
1x manual
1x short stick magazine

1x long magazine

1x drum magazine
40000pcs gel balls (color blue or orange random)

Here is the x5 gel blaster review


Electric Automatic ZhenDuo X5 Gel Blaster (US Stock)
Quantity: 3
US$ 73.97US$ 79.97
Save: US$ 6.00

Customer Reviews



awesome blaster, works great and my sons love them!


So I got this for one of our sons but I couldn't wait to give it to him because I wanted to shoot it so badly myself.

This thing is so much fun. You have to soak the beads in water before you shoot them. I did shoot myself with this to see how it felt and it didn't hurt at all. It might sting a little if you don't let the beads soak long enough.

This is a really cool water blaster gun. It is lots of fun. This thing is fun for adults and kids.


I have been using this for days now. Just having fun shooting targets with friends. It's easy to use and loads of fun. I wouldn't recommend this for kids under 15 to be honest. There were a few young kids in my neighborhood that were shooting at cars and people, a little girl was hurt after being hit at point blank range. She had welts and bruises. The item itself is very powerful. It can shoot far distances and it's easy to load. The gel beads take a couple hours to be ready to use but it is all fun and games after that. The only things I can say that I dislike is the fact that you have to remove the power supply and the fact that sometimes the gel beads break and get caught in the chamber and have to be shaken of fished out.


This is my second gel blaster. This one is definitely a step up from my other one. Its build quality is outstanding. I would say it's above toy grade, as in the plastic they use is more rigid it doesn't really have any flex to it so it should be very durable. It's got weight to it too. My other gel blaster is a full size rifle, and this pistol weighs more than it. It's still lightweight, it just has that quality feel to it when you hold it. I wouldn't say it's anymore powerful than other blasters. It's about the same, maybe a little more depending on the ones you have, so it's still safe for kids. The barrel is metal. I think it's more for aesthetic though but it's a really cool feature. The flash light is another nice added touch. It's really bright. I initially had problems with it not firing, but I think I didn't let the gel balls soak long enough. I made another batch, and it worked flawlessly. It seems to be picky about gel ball size, so make sure you let them get to full size. You get three different mags, a drum, a regular sized clip and an extended clip, another nice to have feature. I definitely think you or whoever you gift it to will be happy with it.


I’ve always wanted one of these to play around with and was finally able to get one

First of all make your the little gel pellets are fully grown because if they are not the gun will not shoot anything as the pellets are smaller the magazine hole where the come out of and you have to stick something in the mag to get them unstuck.

The blaster itself feels very nice very sturdy and has a nice amount of weight to it not too heavy but not too light it has the perfect amount of weight to it the color of it is also pretty nice and the included light at night is supper cool as it light the patch and you can see how the pellets go flying out of the blaster

I took it over to my sisters house to play with on Halloween my nephew his friends and me had a blast playing around with this. believe me when I say if you buy this people of all ages will have so much fun with this 10/10 product would totally recommend


This gun is awesome! Pretty accurate for shooting gel beads lol and SO much fun!!! My boys and husband all have them and go to war when we are camping! They run around laughing and have a blast! Highly recommend!


Bought this for my son and I absolutely love it.


Good quality and easy to use. Good price point. All of my kids want one now!


Gifted this ball gun and it was a hit. We had a fun time.


Fun little gel ball gun, Works good


fun, simple to build, great way to spend a family day


My bF purchased this and had a war with his friends who had them too. Shoots fast and works really good.


Haven’t used the balls yet BUT the installation of the battery is so poorly thought out. The way you gotta cram it in will eventually cause something to go.


Great product very fun my son loves it


I like that it is very fun to play with


I love it Easy to use and good price


my 3 boys love these! best gift!


I loved my new gel blaster its great and very fun to you with its incredible fire rate and long battery life 100% recommend.


I used this blaster for a few weeks now and it works amazing! Shoots really fast and works as described. It takes a while to create the balls but the more water they are in the better it comes out. Very happy with my purchase!


A friend recommended it to me. It's really good.