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How to Fix Splat R Ball Gun Not Shooting Issues?

Recently my elder son Andrew got a cool Splat R Ball gun. He and his friends played with it for two months, having a blast. But then, the gun suddenly stopped working. But he was not one to give up easily. He poured over the Splat R Ball gun’s manual, scoured online forums for advice, and watched countless YouTube tutorials.

After hours of diligent exploration and experimentation, he had identified the issue—a clogged barrel, and some minor internal adjustments were needed. With newfound confidence, he meticulously cleaned the barrel, ensuring that it was free from any obstructions, and reassembled the Splat R Ball Gun with precision.

There may be many reasons, why your gel gun does not shoot. We have tried to cover these issues here:

6 Probable Reasons Why Your Splat R Ball Gun not Shooting

Splat R Ball Guns are a fantastic outdoor pastime, but when they refuse to cooperate, the fun can dwindle. However, before choosing a new Splat gun, carefully read the product descriptions, considering factors like rounds per second, battery life, and comfort. Explore various options and read reviews to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Let’s discuss various issues in detail:

The Battery’s Secret

Dead or low battery might be the silent saboteur behind your Splat R Ball gun’s silence. While this wasn’t my issue, I opened the gun to inspect the battery’s condition, which turned out to be healthy and functioning correctly. After verifying the battery’s connection and seating, I closed the gun and tested the trigger, which responded as expected.

If you suspect a dead battery is behind your gun’s woes, the solution is straightforward: replace the battery, and your Splat gun should roar back to life. Replacing the battery is a hassle-free task, requiring no special tools. Just ensure you choose the right replacement battery for your gun model and charge it fully before installation.

Aging Water Beads

Water beads are often forgotten until trouble strikes. Unfortunately, these tiny spheres don’t last forever. With time, they become brittle, and discolored, and may even develop mold. It’s crucial to monitor their condition and replace them when necessary, as aging water beads are more prone to temperature and humidity-related issues.

If your Splat gun is misbehaving, it might be due to deteriorating water beads causing jams.

The Mystery of Pressurization

One possible culprit behind a non-firing Splat R gun is improper pressurization. Without the right pressure, the gun lacks the force needed to propel the Orbeez. To rule out this problem, check that all the air tank’s connections and wiring are intact and functioning correctly.

Visual signs of corrosion on the gun could also indicate pressurization problems.

The Importance of Ammo Selection

Splat Ball Guns are a favorite among kids and parents alike, but many overlook the importance of using the correct ammo. The wrong ammunition can lead to gun malfunctions, rendering it unable to fire as intended. Ensure you’re using the right ammunition to keep your Splat gun in top shape.

The Motor and Wiring Dilemma

The motor and wiring play crucial roles in propelling water beads or Orbeez from the Splat R Ball Gun’s barrel. Faulty wiring can disrupt electricity delivery to the motor, while a malfunctioning motor might lack the power needed for firing.

If wiring or motor issues are suspected, consider disassembling the gun for inspection. If the motor is failing, replacement or professional repair may be necessary.

The Crossroads – Time for a Replacement

If your Splat gun continues to misbehave despite your best efforts, it might be time to bid it farewell and consider a replacement.

Gel Blaster-making Weird Sounds

If your Splat R Ball Gun that shoots gel balls is making a weird noise like it’s whirring or grinding when you pull the trigger, it’s probably because something inside it is damaged, usually related to the gears. This applies to toy guns with plastic or nylon gears and parts.

Some of these toy guns have a little screw at the bottom of the handle that you can adjust. This screw controls the height of the motor. Sometimes, if you tighten or loosen this screw a little, it might fix the problem.

Usually, toy guns like these may wear out over time, but they shouldn’t have these issues right after you buy them or use them a few times. If the problem doesn’t go away after adjusting the screw, it’s best to return the toy for someone to check it out or get a professional to upgrade the gears for you.

Gel Blaster Not Shooting as Strong as It Should Be

One of the most common reasons for weak firing is a damaged or faulty part called the tappet or return spring. This spring might not be in the right position, it could be rusty, or it might have broken from too much use. Another possible reason for weak firing could be a cracked or broken piece called the t-piece, or there might be an issue with the seal that keeps the air inside.

Fixing these issues at home can be tricky, so it’s often better to let a professional take a look at it. They may need to take the toy apart to fix it properly. Also, don’t forget to check if your toy is still under warranty, as it might cover the cost of repairs.

Gel Gun Shooting Upside Down

This happens when you don’t fill the magazine correctly. Make sure it’s full, and always use well-hydrated gel balls. Some blasters have a “prime” feature you should use.

Try different gel ball types if it keeps happening. If the problem sticks, try a new magazine, or get professional help.

Gel Blaster Doesn’t Shoot Gels

There are a few things to check:

  1. Gel Quality: Ensure your gel balls are properly hydrated and suitable for your blaster.
  2. Magazine: Make sure the magazine is filled correctly and is completely full. Some blasters need to be “primed” before use.
  3. Alignment: Check if the magazine or hopper is clipped in or aligned properly with the blaster.
  4. Motor Function: The magazine motor should be working. If it’s not, you may need a replacement magazine.
  5. Wiring: Ensure the wires are correctly connected, and the terminals are in the right place.

If your Splat R Ball Gun works when upside down but not upright, it’s likely a magazine issue, possibly a dead motor. Always empty gel balls before storage to prevent damage.

Gel Ball Gun Battery Holding a Charge

Most gel blasters use lithium batteries. If your battery isn’t holding a charge, check your charger. It should have indicator lights that turn solid green when fully charged in about 1-2 hours. If not, your charger or battery may be faulty. You can use a B3/B6 charger to test. If a cell doesn’t turn green after 2 hours, it’s likely dead, and you’ll need a new battery. Be careful with these batteries; they can be damaged by overcharging or leaving them connected when not in use.

Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Orbeez Gun

  1. Use Fresh and Hydrated Orbeez: Ensure that you use fresh and properly hydrated Orbeez beads. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for soaking them in water to the right size and consistency. Overly dry or over-hydrated Orbeez can affect the gun’s performance.
  2. Clean the Gun: Regularly clean your Splat R Ball Gun, especially the barrel and any internal components. Accumulated dirt or debris can affect the gun’s performance and accuracy. So cleaning Your Orbi Gun is very important
  3. Check for Blockages: Inspect the barrel for any obstructions or blockages before use. Even small debris can impact the trajectory of the Orbeez beads.
  4. Aim Carefully: Take your time to aim your Orbeez gun accurately. Pay attention to the sight or aiming mechanism provided by the gun, and practice your aim to improve accuracy.
  5. Maintain Consistent Pressure: Some Splat R Ball Guns may have a plunger or pressure mechanism. Ensure that you maintain consistent pressure when firing. Sudden jerky movements can affect the trajectory of the beads.
  6. Avoid Shooting Upwards: Shooting Orbeez beads upwards can reduce accuracy and range, as gravity will pull the beads down more quickly. Try to shoot on a level plane for better results.
  7. Experiment with Barrel Length: We can experiment with different barrel lengths if your Orbeez gun allows for customization. This may help improve accuracy and range, but results can vary.
  8. Practice: Like any skill, practice makes perfect. Spend some time practicing with your Orbeez gun to become more familiar with its performance and to improve your shooting skills.
  9. Stay Within Range: Be aware of the effective range of your Orbeez gun. Shooting Orbeez beads beyond their effective range may result in decreased accuracy and power.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with any updates or modifications that the manufacturer recommends for your specific Orbeez gun model.


Why isn’t my Splat R Ball gun shooting?

If your gun is not clean, or something is blocking it, it might not shoot. So always make sure that your gel blaster is free from any dirt or blockage.

How can I check for blockages in the Splat R Ball Gun?

Sometimes broken gel balls can stuck inside the barrel of the gun which causes blockage. Even very small bits can cause this problem.

Do these tips work for all gel guns or Splat R Ball guns?

These tips generally work for most Splat R Ball guns, but checking your gun’s manual for specific instructions is a good idea.

Key Takeaway

If your Splat R Ball gun isn’t shooting, it could be because it’s dirty or something is blocking it. To make it work better, remember to clean it regularly and check for anything stuck inside. When you’re using it, aim carefully to hit your target accurately, and practice your shooting skills to get even better at it. With these tips, you can enjoy your Splat R Ball gun to the fullest.

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