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Do you Need High FPS Gel Blaster?

In the thrilling world of gel blasting, FPS( Feet per Second ) or FPS test is the ultimate measure of speed for the fired obese or water gels, determined by a specialized device called a chronograph.

While playing with a lower one blaster may be safe, combat situations demand a blaster with a higher to shoot with force and speed, ensuring that your opponents have no escape.

High Feet per second blasters can shoot at greater distances and velocities, giving you the edge that you need. In this article, we delve into various queries concerning Feet per second in gel blasting, including regulations, safety measures, benefits, limitations, and more.

The FPS (feet per second) of a gel blaster can be measured using a chronograph.

We’ll take a closer look at the thrilling world of gel blasters’ feet-per-second measurements and how it impacts the gel-blasting experience.

Low Versus High FPS Test

In the realm of gel blasting, Electric gel blaster fires at a lower rate in single-firing mode, where single gel fire from the guns results in greater accuracy and precision when targeting.

This approach is ideal for individuals seeking to improve their shooting skills or for novice players who are just starting the game. Furthermore, firing lower gel rounds poses a lesser degree of risk for younger kids as the impact of the gels is minimal.

In contrast, the more ardent and enthusiastic players who relish engaging in competitive play find a higher rate that suits their needs. Such players prefer a more rigorous and challenging experience and thus require more powerful gel blasters to deliver the necessary force as the requirements in the field play.

The higher feet per second is not always a good practice because the gels deform under such pressure and they explode when coming out from the barrel of the gun, making it hard to hit the target precisely.

Pre-requisites of Acquiring High FPS Blaster


1. Experienced player.

2. Understanding of the laws.

3. Proper knowledge of the associated risks and safety measures.

4. An honest evaluation of cost-benefit.

Before obtaining a high FPS blaster, it is recommended that you must have adequate experience in the art of Gel blasting. This is because high Feet per second blasters are capable of propelling gel balls at exceedingly high velocities, generating significant force on the blaster.

Consequently, the gel balls tend to burst upon impact, making it imperative that only experienced players handle and maintain such blasters.

To elaborate further, the use of high FPS blasters demands a greater level of skill and proficiency to accurately hit targets. Therefore, it is advisable to first gain mastery of lower FPS blasters before upgrading to higher models.

In this way, you can gradually become accustomed to the increased velocity and force generated by the guns with high Fire per second rate after doing the FPS test.

Additionally, you must be well familiar with the laws and regulations regarding such high FPS blasters i.e. in which state such high FPS is allowed and in case of a breach, the consequent legal penalties.

Thirdly, a lot of risks are associated with firing with such powerful blasters so you must have a good understanding of the potential risks and the protective gear that should be used.

Lastly, it is worth noting that high-power blasters come with a significant acquisition cost, as well as upkeep expenses. Therefore, before investing in such a blaster, we recommend you perform an honest evaluation of your skill level, playing style, and personal preferences and assess how a high-power blaster can improve your gameplay and contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Ultimately, a high-power blaster may be a worthwhile investment if you’re committed to the game and seeks to improve your performance. However, it is essential to carefully weigh the costs and benefits to make an informed decision.

FPS and Gel Blasters Regulations in the USA

Gel blasters have taken the world by storm, with their popularity surging in different countries and regions. However, the regulations and rules governing their use vary across different territories, with FPS being a crucial determinant of their legality.

For instance, gas blasters are currently in vogue in Queensland, with their formidable power allowing them to be played within specific territories such as gel blaster clubs. Meanwhile, in the United States, each state has its unique set of laws governing gel ball guns, with electric gel blasters holding a significant market share.

These blasters are typically equipped with three firing modes, including single, semi-auto, and fully automatic. The FPS of a gel blaster is a crucial indicator of its potency; Most commonly sold blasters have an average range of 80-150.

However, some high-powered models such as the Surge XL blaster have an adjustable ranging from an impressive 170 to an astonishing 250. So, let’s take a closer look at the FPS of gel blasters available in the USA market.

Below 200 FPS Counter

If you just want to play in your backyard with your family with gel blasters, then you don’t fuss over high fps. As a parent, when you’re choosing the gel blaster for your kids, always choose the one that lies in the 80-150 FPS range because these blasters are safest to play with.

These gel blasters are available in different colors and are particularly for kids and old age groups. Mostly these offer only single fire mode(Anstoy desert eagle) but some offer two firing modes; single to fully automatic (Anstoy M416 ) and are ideal as a start-up blaster for kids. 

200 FPS Counter

 If we talk about the blasters that have a large share in the US gel blasters market, they all fire up to 200 Fps on the most. The gel balls, if not fired at sensitive parts, don’t hurt much and they’re fun to play with.

Small gel blasters like Glock guns and submachine guns usually reach 200 fps as their maximum velocity and firing range from 60-80ft. Only the splatter ball SRB 1200 is the blaster which we tested 100 ft fired consistently.

Unlocx gel blaster and large AKM-47 splat ball are other trending gel blasters that fall in this range from trustworthy manufacturers.

250 in FPS Test

When it comes to playing in close combats or participating in the gel blaster tournament or experienced players who want to take their game to the next level can enjoy an exciting game with a blaster having 250 fps.

These blasters come with adjustable stock and fps along with an upgraded magazine and are grabbing a handsome market share in the US. You can upgrade these blasters as well. Surge Xl and Anstoy M4a1 are the popular blasters in this range.

300 in FPS test

If you want a gel blaster firing at 300fps or even with more power then you can’t find them on Amazon, instead, you can buy them from online retailers or customize the gel blasters by up-grading their gearbox and the other gun parts. An expensive blaster like M4a1 can be customized to a 300 fps blaster just by replacing the spring with a thicker one and by changing the gearbox to turn it compatible with the replaced spring.

400 or More

Gel blasters with FPS of 400 or higher have the potential to be lethal and cause serious injury if not handled mindfully. Hardcore players may opt for blasters with 300-350 FPS to play in the fields.

However, firing such powerful guns requires careful planning and extensive practice to make it worthwhile. High FPS blasters are challenging to aim precisely, and only seasoned players can hit their targets accurately with such potent weapons.

Moreover, blasters with such lethal FPS are banned in almost every state in the US, and playing with them in public, such as in the case of Orbeez challenges on TikTok, may result in legal consequences.

So, it’s crucial that you exercise caution when dealing with high FPS blasters and follow all relevant regulations and safety guidelines to ensure a fun and safe gel blasting experience.

Here are some top gel blasters with their claimed FPS by manufacturers and what we tested.

Gel blaster The manufacturer claimed FPS Our tested FPs
Surge XL blaster 250 220-230
Splatter ball SRB 1200 210 200
Big splatter ball M4a1 200 160-180
Anstoy AEG AKM47 180 150
UNlocx01 200 180
Vousween gel blaster 280 250
Nerf pro gel blasters 150 130

Final Words

In summary, the choice between low and high FPS rates in Gel blasting ultimately depends on one’s personal preferences and skill level. The acquisition of a high FPS blaster should only be pursued after acquiring sufficient experience and proficiency in Gel blasting, as the use of such blasters requires a greater level of skill and caution.

Most importantly, safety should always remain a top priority, especially when kids are involved so care should be taken to forbid the high power blaster to kids in the game to avoid any kind of mishap.

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