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5 Ways to Keep Your Gel Blasters Running Like New

Having a gelblaster in your possession sounds like a fun way to kill the time. And they are perfect for any occasion where you want to make everything fun yet exciting. Plus, you won't get bored anytime sooner thanks to these realistic toy guns. However, it won't be worth the purchase if you have to replace your gel blaster often. At the same time, imagine that your toy is gummed up which makes you frustrated. Well, not to mention it will ruin all the fun, for everyone. No need to panic as there are a few ways to care for and maintain your gel blaster so it will last longer. Once you follow these tips your gelblaster will run like new in which the way how it works on the very first day.

What is it for me?

Is it your first time using a gel blaster? Then there is a high chance that you simply have no clue about how to care for your gel blaster. Of course, within the first few days, your gel blaster will work quite well without causing any hassle. After a few weeks, you will find out nothing will come out even when you are shooting. Nothing of the sort will happen if you care and maintain your gelblaster perfectly. Scroll down to find out the tips so you use the same gel blaster for all the years to come.

5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Gelblaster

Image of a man holding a gun in hand and aiming

1. Way to clean

If you want to prolong the life of your gel blaster, cleaning it after use is vital. Typically, debris will jam the gun which will eventually result in failure to launch the gel balls. So, it would be best to make a habit out of cleaning your gel blaster regularly. You can use a damp cloth to clean away the gel blaster until it is spotless and dry the toy gun. In addition, sometimes the gel balls may also be clogged in the gun. So wipe down every single place, and make sure not to spare any particle that would come in the way when you are playing.

2. Lubricate regularly

In order to work everything smoothly, lubricating your gel blaster plays a huge role. Well, if you feel like your gel blaster is firing in a slower manner, lubricating will often would be the solution for it. Not to mention that lubricating regularly prevent the wear and tear of the toy gun which can be a hassle. In terms of lubricating, you have to pay attention to moving parts including motors, bolts, springs, barrels, and so on. Once you lubricate these parts of the gel blaster, it will reach the peak of performance in no time.

3. Pay attention to batteries

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The most common mistake to avoid is leaving the gel blaster unattended while it is charging. Typically, most gel blasters would require around 2 to 3 hours to fully charge them. Even though it may not be intentional, you may leave your gel blaster for hours when charging. Well, unfortunately, this slip of your mind will come with consequences. Once it is left there to overcharge, there is a high chance that the batteries could get damaged.

4. Get genuine gel blaster accessories

When you feel like your gel blaster is worn out, you can get new accessories from the store. Moreover, there are upgrading accessories in which you can enhance the performance of your gel blaster. No matter which instance, that you will need new accessories, make sure to get the accessories from a certified gel blaster accessories seller. At the same time, they will give you genuine parts instead of low-quality counterfeits that could ruin your toy gun. So, make sure to get all the accessories from authentic toy gun suppliers to prolong the life of your gel blaster.

5. Storage

Image of a gun along with fire near to it

Once you bought a gel blaster, you will see tiny beads of gel balls which are the ammo of your gel blaster. Once after using these beads, make sure to remove them from the magazine if you are not going to use them anytime sooner. In addition, the gel balls will last for about 6 to 10 months. And, the best way to store your gel balls is in a dry place avoiding extreme heat conditions. Moreover, do not store them in your freezer under any condition as they will be brittle.

After reading all the above tips, all you have now left to do is to follow them while you are using the gel blaster. And these tips will help you to keep your gel blaster running like new as before. Moreover, it won't hinder your performance anymore. In addition, you may have realized that it is a must to get all the accessories from an authentic supplier. Luckily, we know just where to get them which is non-other than the zhenduo blaster.

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