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Introduce JinMing Gen8 M4A1: Breaking Down a Beginner's Gel Blaster

The classic US Army M4A1, rival of the AK47, in gel blaster toy form from the legendary toymaker Jingming, one of the most popular gel blaster gun platforms and is modeled after the real steel Colt M4A1 carbine used by militaries worldwide. Let's look at its looks today!

The packaging is simple yet sturdy, coming with various tacti-cool accessories. Though equipped with a decent gearbox, the overall impression is one of cheap plastic toy-ness.

Taking out all the components, every boy on this planet could name each part.

The key components - the barrel and receiver are in one piece, the stock, magazine, and the decorative optical sight.

Assembly is easy - just plug the stock right in and you've got a standard American military-style weapon ready to go.

Let's not forget the optical sight for that extra operator feel.

We'll slap on a high-capacity loader, so you won't threaten anyone when taking this baby out. The ammo is completely safe gel balls, just slightly harder than water balloons

It's equipped with Jingming's own bronze gearbox - durable and designed to serve you well, as their gearboxes are supplied to other brands too.

The barrel and muzzle area mimic a short carbine design, with ample vent holes. Through them, you can observe the aluminum inner tube, key to straight and far flight for each gel ball.

The overall shaping and textures give a serious, muted metal vibe, though entirely plastic in construction.

The stock adjusts for length of pull to accommodate different Operator body types, from age 4 to 20.

Semi and full auto modes are selected by a side dial. The bolt catch is just decorative, and the mag release on this side is dummy too - half realistic!

On the other side, the mag release doesn't drop mags freely - they require a manual rip out by the player.

The plunger is sprung for that satisfying fidget factor.

The shaping is simple yet meticulous - even from below, this toy looks incredibly cool, like an action hero's angles are flawless from all sides.

The stock and bar core could be twist off as one piece, revealing the battery lead running through the stock. Yes, this toy runs on an included 18650 cell hidden within.

Okay, that covers the basics visually - let's see how it scales;

The charging handle has a nice snappy action working the dust cover;

The one thing I don't like is needing to two-hand the mag extraction.

With the stock shorten, here's how it fits my body scale.

Well, there you have it - a simple but practical gel blaster for the beginner player, or a fun holiday gift for your kid that you'll end up playing with yourself. Find the best prices on the M4A1 at zhenduo blaster and join the gel ball action!

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