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10 Maintenance Tips for Cleaning Your Gel Blasters

Learn how to clean your Orbi gun, gel blaster, or splatter ball gun effectively with our step-by-step guide. Keep your gear in top shape. Maintaining your gel blaster is crucial for its longevity and peak performance. Neglecting this can lead to malfunctions or breakdowns. If you clean it regularly, it will work better and last longer. We got advice from experts, so you can keep your gun in great condition without any problems.

In this article, we’ll simplify the process of cleaning and caring for your gel blaster, also we’ve put together a guide to help you clean your Splat R Ball gun step by step.

1. Regular Cleaning of Orbi Gun

After each use, clean and dry your blaster to prevent rust and damage:

  • Unload the blaster and disconnect the battery.
  • Disassemble it, keeping track of the parts.
  • Use a soft brush to remove dirt.
  • Wipe parts with a damp cloth.
  • Thoroughly dry all parts.
  • Reassemble and store in a dry place.

2. Barrel Cleaning

A clean barrel ensures accuracy:

  • Remove the magazine and gel balls.
  • Use a cleaning rod or swab with warm soapy water.
  • Swab the barrel gently.
  • Repeat with dry swabs until clean.

3. Magazine Maintenance

Taking good care of your Splatter Ball Blaster is important to make it last longer. One vital part of this care is keeping the magazine clean. There are three parts of the magazine that you should clean every time you use the blaster.

Get to know about all the Gel Blaster Accessories and how to take care of them.

Cleaning the Vertical Magazine Tube

  • Find the slide on the side of the tube.
  • Push it back.
  • Turn the blaster upside down.
  • Shake it well.
  • This should make any leftover splatter balls in the tube come out.

Clearing the Ammo Reservoir

  • Open the gate to the reservoir.
  • Turn the blaster upside down.
  • Give it another good shake.
  • This helps remove any remaining ammo from the reservoir.

Maintaining the Gear

  • Keep the gear clean and working well.
  • Put the gear back in the blaster.
  • Point the blaster in a safe direction.
  • Fire a couple of times to make sure the gear moves smoothly.
  • Then, do the same cleaning steps for the vertical magazine tube: move the slider over, turn it upside down, and shake it.

4. Lubrication

Use silicone oil for internal parts:

  • Remove the magazine.
  • Apply silicone oil inside.
  • For gears and springs, use Molykote grease.
  • Avoid using mineral oil.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Never use alcohol for cleaning, as it can damage plastic and metal parts. Use silicone oil on a clean cloth if needed.

6. Inspect for Damage

Regularly examine your blaster for wear, tear, and malfunctioning components.

7. Battery Maintenance

Charge your batteries fully before use and follow charger instructions to prevent damage.

8. Upgrading Your Orbi Gun

Follow manufacturer guidelines and local laws when upgrading your blaster. Use quality parts for safety.

9. Proper Storage

Keep your blaster in a cool, dry place. Consider using a gun sock for added protection.

10. Stay Dry

Avoid exposing your blaster to water, as it can damage internal components. If it gets wet, dry it with a cloth, not heat sources.

Material You Need to Clean the Orbi Gun

  • A soft cloth or something like a soft towel
  • Cleaning solution made for paintball guns
  • A thing to clean the barrel, like a swab or squeegee
  • Allen wrench set
  • O-rings (just in case yours are worn out or broken)

Cleaning Steps

Step 1: Take Apart the Gun

Start by carefully taking your Splat R Ball gun apart as the instructions say. Take off the barrel, hopper, air tank, bolt, and anything else you can remove. Remember how you took them off so you can put them back on the right way later.

Step 2: Clean the Outside

Use a soft cloth or towel to gently wipe off the outside of your gun. Get rid of any dirt, stuff, or paint leftovers. Make sure to clean the hard-to-reach spots too. Doing this helps your Splat R Ball gun look good and stay clean.

Step 3: Clean the Barrel

Your gun barrel can get gels stuck in it. This can lower the fire accuracy of the gel blaster. This is the time to clean the barrel. We can use a swab or squeegee to clean it. Move and push it through the barrel a few times to get rid of any broken gel balls. If you see any tough spots you can put a little cleaning liquid on your swab before cleaning.

Step 4: Check and Clean the Bolt

The bolt of the Splat R Ball gun must also be very clean because it is also a very important part of your gun. There can be some dirt or gel pieces so you may need an Allen wrench to take them out. Then clean them with a towel or tidy cloth.

Step 5: Make Things Move Smoothly

To make sure your gun works well, you need to put some special oil on the O-rings, bolt, and other moving parts. Only use oil made for gel guns. This will help things move without any problems.

Step 6: Put It Back Together and Test

After you’ve cleaned everything and put oil where it’s needed, put your gun back together. Make sure everything is tight and in the right place. Then try shooting it to check if it’s working well.


Should I Clean My Splat R Ball Gun on a daily basis?

Cleaning after every use is the best practice. But if you have not been using it for long, must clean it thoroughly before starting a new game.

Can I Use Regular Cleaning Stuff on My Gun?

No, it’s not recommended to use the regular stuff but it’s better to use the cleaning materials specially made for the gel balls.

What materials do I need for cleaning my Orbi Gun?

You’ll need a soft-bristled brush, a clean cloth, warm soapy water, silicone oil or specialized gun lubricant, and cleaning rods or swabs.

How should I do the cleaning of the vertical magazine of my Orbi gun?

Just look for the slide on the side of the tube, push it a little, and turn your gel gun upside down. Now shake it well. All the remaining gel balls inside will be dislodged.

Can I use any lubricant for my Orbi Gun, or does it need specialized gun oil?

It’s best to use silicone oil or specialized gun lubricant designed for your Orbi Gun. Avoid using mineral oil, as it may not provide the required protection.

How should I store my Orbi Gun after cleaning?

We should always store our Orbi Gun in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Final Thoughts

It’s not really hard to keep your orbi gun clean. You just need to follow some simple tasks and you will do maintenance of your blaster. The most important thing is to clean it after every use and with the right cleaning materials. If you do, your splat gun will always remain in good shape and ready for lots of gel blaster fun.

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