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UDL Winchester M1887 Nerf Gun Review

Introduce the winchester m1887 nerf gun blaster

The winchester m1887 nerf gun, also called m1887 foam dart blaster, is a popular nerf style toy gun recently. It is published by UDL in 2021. The uniqueness of this nerf gun is that it's the first lever action foam blaster that in the toy gun market.

It's manual action shell ejecting blaster shooting 7.2cm full length nerf darts. The body is full nylon built with metal parts like trigger & trigger guard, shell compartment and lever. The package also comes with a holographic sight for a better accuracy and realistic feeling.

here is a short overview of winchester m1887 blaster:

Performance of m1887 Nerf Blaster

Shooting range: 10-12m
Velocity: 160 FPS

What does the m1887 Package include?

1x UDL Winchester M1887 nerf gun
6pcs shells
10pcs full length darts
10pcs suction darts
1x safety glasses
1x pair of gloves
1x sight

winchester m1887 nerf gun package

How to use?

1. put the darts into the shell.

2. pull the lever to reveal the chamber.

3. reload the shell into the chamber.

4. return the lever to its former place.

5. fast pulling the lever to shoot out darts.

how to use m1887 nerf gun

Advantage and disadvantage


- realistic shell ejection.

- lever action.

- spring is upgradable.

- shells are compatible with other shotgun foam blasters like xm1014.


- low range if not upgraded.

- large size, not easy for airway shipping.

- difficult to disassemble.

Here is anoher great review by influencer

In the End

Is it worth buying? The answer is Yes! Its lever mechanism is a great restoration of the winchester m1887 gun. This blaster is the most realistic shell eject shotgun i have ever seen. You can do stunt like schwarzenegger does in the movide Terminator 2.

When it's upgraded to a 14kg spring, it would be really powerful and good for any nerf war and match! Whether you are playing it outdoors or indoors at home, this winchesterr m1887 nerf gun will surely bring lots of fun to friends and family!

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