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CS006 M1911 Graffiti Gel Blaster Review & Unbox

Introduce the cs006 m1911 graffiti Gel ball blaster

The 1911 graffiti gel blaster is getting more and more popular these days. Not only it's a classic toy gun type, but also it's powerful and fun to play. Although it's a pistol small blaster, it uses 7.4v lipo battery which granted a good power and rate of fire.

This m1911 gelsoft is printed with graffiti skin. Equipped with orange tip so you don't need worry about the shipping issues. It's a hopper bottle feed and has 3-side rails for modifications.

Basically it's a variation from the skd m1911 cs009 gel blaster, but with a better looking and lightweight carry out.

Here is a brief video for introduction of the 1911 blaster: 

Performance of 1911 Gel Ball Blaster

The shooting process of this gel ball blaster is pretty good, so far has met with no issues. This gel blaster has a 130FPS for velocity, 10-12m shooting range, and an outstanding rate of fire of 15RPS!

Other Specs about the 1911 Orbeez blaster

Material: plastic
Fire mode: full automatic
Gel type: 7-8mm
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Package Size: 12.05 x 9.49 x 3.03 inches 

How to Install and Use it?

The installation of this splatter ball blaster is very easy, you even don't need to check this guide to know how to do it.

1. Install the hopper bottle loaded with fully-grown gel balls

2. Unscrew the battery cover

3. Connect the blaster to the 7.4v lipo battery

4. Switch on the 1911 gelsoft

m1911 gel blaster installation

What does the Package include?

1x cs006 gel blaster gun
1x safety glasses
1x 7.4v 500mah rechargeable lipo battery
1x usb charger
1x black muzzle
1x black hopper
15000pcs gel balls

The package loadout is satisfactory. Extra gels ensure a continous long time play without buying more. The additional black muzzle and black hopper mag are for the people who has a taste of releastic style.

m1911 graffiti package

Pros and Cons:


- Graffiti skin color.

- High rate of fire and velocity.

- Lightweight, easy to carry.

- 20mm standard picatinny rails for mounting accessories.

- interchangeable hopper mag type.


- only has one shooting mode.

- battery capactiy is low.

- hopper hinders sight.

- limited upgrading options.

In Conclusion

The m1911 graffiti gel blaster is definitly worth a buy if you never had one before. It's almost perfect if you didn't care about upgrading. The performance of it is acceptable for most people. It runs very smooth since it's a hopper-fed type.

As a pistol lightweight blaster, it can be carries easily by kids. To my surprise,  it's cheap price, only 29.99usd from ZHENDUO Blaster store, has US and UK Stock. The communities have a good feedback, check the video below.

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