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Home>Foam Dart Blasters>Shotgun Foam Blasters>UDL M1887 Winchester Shell Ejecting Lever Action Shotgun Blaster (US Stock)
UDL M1887 Winchester Shell Ejecting Lever Action Shotgun Blaster (US Stock)

UDL M1887 Winchester Shell Ejecting Lever Action Shotgun Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 89.99

UDL M1887 nerf gun can only ship to USA from the US warehouse.

And from China to Russia, UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada , Europe.


- The udl m1887 nerf gun is a Lever action manual shotgun nerf, the shell will be ejected from the gun body when shooting, simulating the real winchester m1887.

- You can even use it to restore the loading method of the T800 in the Terminator 2 movie.

- There are no tools required, Simply follow the pictures on the box to have this toy gun for some combat battle game scenarios in minutes.

- metal trigger & trigger guard, metal shell compartment and metal lever gearbox


Brand: UDL

Model: m1887

Material: nylon + metal

Capacity: 5 shells
Shooting power: 75 FPS

Shooting range: 10m

Ammot type: 1.3*5cm darts

Color: blue white

weight: 1.2kg

size: 68*23cm

Products include:

1x UDL Winchester M1887 Shotgun nerf gun

6x shells

10x half length darts

10x suction darts

1x safety glasses

1x pair of gloves

1x sight

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Customer Reviews



The appearance uses nylon and part of the metal design, the feel is quite tough, the rod dynamic design makes the shell more smooth, each hit can feel the metal collision.


Can this ship to canada?
Service:Yeah, we can ship it to Canada.


After a LOT of delays from shipping, I finally got the blaster! It's in perfect condition despite the lengthy travel time (it took 6 weeks to get to me), but I am satisfied overall. The lever-action blaster itself is quite hefty and almost feels like a real firearm. It's sturdy and very well-built! You can do a minimal spring upgrade if you want a stronger FPS, but be warned that it's not advisable to place in a super-strong spring as anything above a K26 spring would make the smooth lever-action priming a bit more difficult. Something like a K25 is possible, and it all depends on how often you can prime the blaster before you fatigue.

As I've never ordered a nerf blaster overseas before, I was prepared to have low expectations - but I was proven wrong. The M1887 build quality is amazing! Would definitely recommend Zhendou and their products in this category - just be prepared for the long shipping delays. This is an amazing blaster overall!
Service:thanks a lot for your review! the m1887 blaster is really good quality made, with spring upgrades it can be more powerful and long range


This gun is awesome. Lever actions are so cool. If I could change one thing about this gun, it would be the lever. I wish it didn't curve inward and was rounded towards the trigger guard instead. That would make it easier to flip-cock it like the terminator. Other than that, everything else is fantastic. This thing is solid. I have dropped it a few times and it is fine. It is very well constructed.
Service:many thanks for your review, the m1887 foam blaster is worth to get, and we wish you have a great time!


The child chooses it himself, likes it very much, it looks cool to play, and it is safe to play eva bullets! I bought it here for the second time, and I always support it!


nice packing, the m1887 delivered today, the postman was a bit confused at my address, but all solved! thank you for your serivce


the lever action is its selling point, i am willing to pay more for it. you can actually act as the sheriff to show off!