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Sniper Foam Blasters (16)

These sniper nerf guns are very high end toy guns for foam dart blaster fans! They are manual bolt action, simulating the real sniping function. Some of the nerf gun snipers are vern have shell ejecting feature. If you can find metal upgraded parts for these sniper dart blasters,  they will gain a great power, longer range and high accuracy. It's nerf sniping time!

Most are oversized nerf gun snipers, so they can only send to USA and Russia.

Sniper foam blasters are a type of foam blaster gun that are designed to look like sniper rifles. They are typically longer and more realistic-looking than other types of foam blaster guns, and may have additional features such as a scope and a bipod. Like other foam blaster guns, sniper foam blasters use air pressure or a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot foam balls or darts. They are often used in games and outdoor activities, and are popular among children.