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Worker Nightingale Blaster Review

Worker Nightingale Blaster Review

This is zhenduo blaster review on the Worker Nightingale foam dart blaster, which is Worker’s new semi-auto flywheel powered electric compact blaster. It has 3 colors: teal; orange and gray. You can Learn more about it by checking the prodcut page:

Here is the official trailer of nightingale blaster from Worker Nerf

Introduction of Nightingale

The Nightingale is a sompact designed pistol style nerfl blaster, very similar to a small version of a stryfe. The blaste is about half the size of a stryf. That being said though, the nightingale is still quite powerful and quite overkill for a small backup pistol.

The performance of nightingale is satisfactory.

Muzzle velocity test: strong magnetic verison muzzle velocity 38-40m/s
Standard version muzzle speed 26-30m/s

In the package, it includes the nightingale dart blaster itself, 15 round mag (smaller than talong mag), 10pcs Worker gen3 half-lengths, and a holster that latches onto the trigger guard.

The trigger is a very common, two stage trigger. Pulling it a little will start revving the flywheels, and pulling it all the way will inject a dart into the flywheels, shooting a dart. The motors are able to spin up fast enough and not cause a jam if you press down the trigger really fast. Note that the return spring on the trigger is a little more stronger than other semi auto blasters.

As always, worker does some things really great. The mag well releases very smoothly and upon pressing the magazine release the magazine just falls downwards due to gravity. The injection molded plastic is always top tier. The build quality of the entire thing is just perfect. The overall blaster is practically hasbro quality, which is a big pro.

The flywheels are REALLY LOUD. I wouldn't recommend anyone using the blaster indoors since the sound is terrifying. . You can hear the difference of the toggle switch at the beginning and the sound of the flywheels spinning.) The blaster is more suited for outdoor play in a field and isn't really suited for indoor play for close quarters.

Here is the shooting perforamnce between standard and pro version:

Disassemble the Nightingale Blaster

Orange is the strong magnetic version, see the ordinary version of the motor and micro-motor is different, the other are the same, weight 300g (excluding the clip), strong magnetic weight 8g;

The internal design is simple and delicate, after the trial play, recommend strong magnetic!
The clip is thinner than the ordinary one, and the ammunition is smooth! Overall feel is very good, far more than the Hurricane launcher!

Because the motor is glued to death, can not be removed, the flywheel can be replaced, it is estimated that there will be other texture of the flywheel in the later period, so we recommend to buy the strong magnetic version, the noise is not large, then more fun than the ordinary version

In conclusion:

Overall, the nightingale foam blaster is really great as a backup pistol, and has a lot of potential in a game being so small and so compact. Since it's also made by worker, you can also trust it to be thrown around and treated a little rougher than other 3D printed blasters. The 15 round capacity of the small pistol is ridiculous, and the 125fps it guarantees with the pro version is just right for a lot of HvZ games and various other game types.

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