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Orbeez Guns vs Gel Blaster Guns: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Toy blasters that shoot soft projectiles like gel balls or water beads are gaining popularity for fun outdoor battles. While Orbeez guns and gel blasters seem similar, key differences in ammo type, firing power, and realism impact how each performs. This guide explains the unique features of both toy guns to help determine which is best for your needs. By understanding the capabilities of each colorful blaster, you can pick the right option for safe, exciting play.

History of Toy Blasters

Toy guns that shoot safe projectiles have been popular for generations. In the 1960s, Nerf balls made of soft foam rubber launched indoor play with toys you could shoot safely at others. Later in the 1980s, toy dart guns emerged that used suction cup darts. Both early toy guns focused on minimizing harm from firing soft, safe ammunition.

In 2011, Orbeez launched colorful water beads for decorative crafts. Their ability to grow when soaked in water made them a huge toy fad. Soon Orbeez were used as ammo in toy guns. Their bright colors and soft squishy texture made them fun low-impact ammo. Orbeez blasters became popular for silly, harmless indoor shooting games. Around 2012, a new generation of toy blasters arose, inspired by airsoft guns. These used biodegradable gel balls that resembled candy.

Many gel blasters added electric air pumps and tactical rails for accessories. Their realistic designs brought more intense battle games for hobbyists. Compared to toy dart guns, gel blasters delivered a major upgrade in customized realism and competitive amateur ballistics.

Key Feature Analysis: Orbeez Guns vs Gel Blasters

Orbeez guns and gel blasters seem similar but work differently. Here's a comparison of how each toy blaster functions and shoots:

Orbeez Blaster Features:

Use simple spring piston power to shoot soft water beads called Orbeez.

Load the main chamber with 100-200+ Orbeez beads at a time.

Pump the spring-loaded handle which compresses air to build firing pressure.

Pull the trigger to release the air, scattering Orbeez out the barrel randomly in wide spray patterns.

Hydrated Orbeez are very bouncy, squishy, and lubed, causing chaotic scattering with low impact.

Limited 10-meter range but can rapidly fire many rounds before reloading.

Orbeez break down within 2-3 days after getting wet and are not reusable.

Orbeez Guns Guns

Gel Blaster Features:

Use electric battery-powered air pumps to shoot polymer gel balls.

Load smaller .50 caliber gel balls into magazines that hold 100-150 rounds.

Electric pump compresses air to generate pressurized gel shots with more force.

Pull the trigger to fire individual gel balls in precise, consistent trajectories.

Gel balls maintain some rigidity during flight for better accuracy at distance.

Can shoot up to 25+ meters accurately but must reload magazines more often.

Gel balls last for weeks/months if not damaged and can be reused.

The main difference is that Orbeez guns offer fast shooting fun at close range, while gel blasters provide more accurate tactical play.

Orbeez or Gel Blasters: Which to Choose

Several factors should guide your selection between these two colorful blaster types:

1. Realistic or Whimsical Play

Gel blasters mimic real pistol construction with metal parts, tactical rails, scopes, and more. Their realistic designs create immersive battle simulations for dedicated hobbyists.

Orbeez features brightly colored plastic bodies with water bead ammo. Their whimsical, toy-like designs offer casual backyard shooting fun.

2. Competitions or Casual Play

Gel blasters provide the accuracy, range, and customization needed for target shooting contests or timed obstacle courses between teams.

Orbeez guns encourage freeform, laidback play perfect for impromptu battles or interesting family sessions. Less regulation is required.

3. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Orbeez blasters with a 10-meter spray work well indoors if you contain messy splatter using tarps or in basement areas.

Gel blasters 25+ meter range and higher impact require open outdoor areas to avoid damage, making them better suited for large play fields.

4. Accuracy or Large Ammo Capacity

Orbeez guns emphasize rapid-fire spraying of many low-impact water beads in chaotic patterns, though with less precise aim. Frequent reloading is needed.

Gel blasters have lower ammo capacity per clip but focus on firing off precise shot streams efficiently over longer distances.

Consider all factors like play style, age, indoor vs outdoor space, and your goals for fun when picking a blaster type. Doing so ensures the best experience!

Using Gel Blasters and Orbeez Guns Responsibly

Ensuring safe and lawful hobby enjoyment requires ongoing diligence. Follow these expanded guidelines:

1. Safety Protocols

Wear protective face masks or goggles during gel blaster battles to avoid eye injuries from higher velocity impacts. Long sleeves and gloves are also recommended.

Agree on designated safe zones off limits to shooting and ensure no ammunition strikes unintended people, pets, or property. Adult supervision is required.

Review fundamental safety rules and game guidelines with all players beforehand. Enforce ammo firing discipline.

Avoid any designs closely resembling real firearms to prevent public alarm. Use brightly colored exteriors and affix conspicuous muzzle barrel tags.

Get more safety tips: The Truth About Gel Blaster Guns Do They Really Hurt

2. Community Conduct

Transport and use blaster toys discreetly in private settings to avoid concerning the uninformed public. Limit loud games in neighborhoods.

Responsibly clean up all water bead or gel ball remnants after playing to leave no trace behind. Avoid environmental damage from ammunition debris.

Promote greater awareness about the responsible use of social media when sharing related content. Serve as thoughtful ambassadors improving impressions of these hobbies.

Taking precautions and respecting these toys as specialized equipment keeps the experience both safe and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Gel Blaster Guns

Comparing Costs of Orbeez and Gel Blasters

Pricing, availability, and ongoing costs differentiate these blasters:

1. Long-Term Affordability

 Orbeez starter guns often cost under $15. But you'll need to continually buy packages of new beads for ammo at around $10 each, increasing costs over time.

 Gel blaster starter kits with a gun, battery, charger, and gels run $100-$150 generally. But the gel balls can be reused for months, saving money long-term.

2. Availability

Basic Orbeez guns and ammo beads are readily found at major toy and department stores in the summer sections. Access is fairly simple.
Gel blaster availability varies greatly by region due to import laws. You'll often need to buy from specialty hobby shops or dedicated gel blaster websites, limiting access.

3. Ongoing Ownership

Orbeez are low-maintenance toy guns. Just refill with new water beads periodically. Kids can handle it easily.
Gel blasters demand responsible upkeep like monitoring gel ball supply, recharging batteries, cleaning barrels, etc. More hands-on care is needed.

While more affordable and accessible initially, Orbeez requires repeated ammo purchases that can add up. Gel blasters are an investment but offer greater customization and reusable ammunition for dedicated hobbyists.

Creative and Competitive Gameplay Activities

With responsible use and supervision, Orbeez guns and gel blasters provide creative recreational activities. Orbeez offers casual chaotic fun for all ages with low-impact water beads. Gel blasters bring intense tactical realism through electric customizable designs firing reusable gel balls. Consider play style, ammunition, costs, laws, and safety when choosing. With the right colorful blaster type suited to your goals, enjoy immersive battles or laidback family sessions. Just be sure to follow community guidelines, pick up ammunition remnants, and prioritize safe scenarios. Happy splattering!

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