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How to Load Different Types of Magazines for Your Gel Blaster

Properly loading gel blaster magazines is crucial for an enjoyable and uninterrupted gaming experience. However, newcomers often struggle with mastering the various loading techniques required for different magazine types. This guide aims to provide clear, straightforward instructions on how to load gel balls into the most common gel blaster magazines you'll encounter.

What is a Gel Blaster Magazine?

A gel blaster magazine is an essential component that stores and feeds the ammunition (gel balls) into the blaster. Its primary function is to hold a supply of gel balls, allowing you to fire continuously without having to reload after every shot.

Preparing Gel Balls for Loading

Before you begin loading any magazine, there are a few general preparation steps for the gel balls themselves:

Soak gel balls in water for 4-6 hours to allow them to fully absorb moisture and reach their maximum size. This pre-swelling is important for proper firing.

Drain excess water from the gel ball container, but leave some moisture so they don't dry out.

Gently mix and aerate the gel balls right before loading to separate any that are sticking together.

By following these basic steps to prepare your gel ball ammunition, you'll ensure they are in ideal condition for loading into your magazines and firing consistently. With the gel balls ready, you can now move on to the specific loading techniques for different magazine types.

Types of Gel Blaster Magazines

There are several different types of gel blaster magazines, each requiring its own specific loading technique. In this guide, we will cover the following magazine types:

1. Gas Blowback Magazines for Pistols

These magazines are designed for gas blowback pistols and typically have a spring-loaded channel for holding the gel balls. Proper loading is essential to avoid jamming issues.

2. SLR-Style Magazines

These magazines mimic the styling of real steel magazines for SLR (self-loading rifle) platforms. A unique top-loading door allows for filling from the top.

3. Common Rear-Door Magazines

One of the most prevalent magazine designs, these have a rear door that can be opened and closed to load gel balls from the back.

4. Drum Magazines

Offering high ammunition capacity, drum magazines use a rotating internal drum and have a specialized loading mechanism, often involving a turning knob.

5. AK-Style Magazines

Modeled after real AK magazines, these have a distinct smaller terminal door at the top for loading compared to other designs.

Knowing different magazine types, you can ensure you are using the proper loading technique for your specific magazine, preventing issues and maximizing performance.

Loading Gas Blowback Pistol Magazines

Gas blowback pistol magazines have a spring-loaded channel that the gel balls stack into one behind the other. The spring pushes them up into the firing chamber.Learn more about gel blaster work: How does a gel blaster work?

Use a Speedloader

The proper way to load these is with a speedloader tool:

Insert the speedloader into the bottom loading port.

Pour gel balls into the speedloader's tube until full.

Push the plunger to force the gel balls into the magazine channel.

Repeat until the magazine is fully loaded.

Never Top Load

Do not put gel balls in from the top, as this can damage the spring and channel. Only load from the bottom using the speedloader or putting gel balls in one-by-one carefully.

Top loading will jam the magazine and ruin the spring's operation. Always load from the bottom port to ensure the spring feeds the gel balls correctly for consistent firing.

Following the proper speedloader loading technique is essential for gas blowback pistol magazines to function reliably without jamming or damage.

Gel Blaster Magazine

Filling SLR-Style Magazines

SLR-style magazines get their name from mimicking the look of real steel self-loading rifle magazines. A key feature is the hinged top door that opens to allow loading gel balls from the top.

Safe Opening Technique

To access the loading door:

Locate the magazine's top door release button or lever.

Press or pull the release while bracing the magazine body.

The door will unlock and you can gently swing it open.

Some models may have an exposed wire spring visible when opened - this is normal.

Loading from the Top

With the door opened:

Carefully pour gel balls directly into the magazine's feed tube from the top.

Avoid forcing too many in at once as this could jam the mechanism.

Fill until the feed tube is full but not overstuffed.

Close the door firmly until it clicks locked in place.

The top-loading door makes these magazines very easy to keep topped up during gameplay. Just be cautious not to overstuff when pouring in gel balls from above. Let the simple door access streamline your reloads.

Loading Rear-Door Magazines

These very common magazines allow you to load gel balls directly from the back. Their simple rear door makes them easy to use.

Opening the Door

Find the rear door release lever/button, usually on the bottom back.

Press/pull it to unlock and swing the door open.

This exposes the internal feed tube running through the magazine.

Filling the Tube

Pour gel balls straight into the open feed tube.

Fill it up, but don't pack too tightly.

Overstuffing can jam the spring mechanism.

Closing Properly

Swing the door closed until it clicks locked.

Don't force it if something is stuck in the seal.

Be careful not to bend or break the door release lever.

The rear access provides very straightforward reloading. Just watch that you don't overfill, and close the door gently to avoid damaging it. These simple magazines are perfect for quickly topping up ammo!

Operating Drum Magazines

Drum magazines are prized for their high ammunition capacity compared to standard magazines. This bulk ammo storage allows for extended firing without frequent reloading.

The Turning Knob Loading System

To fill a drum magazine:

Locate the turning knob on the rear, side or top of the drum body.

Turn the knob to unlock and open the loading port door.

The internal drum chamber will now be exposed and ready for loading.

Filling the Drum

Carefully pour gel balls directly into the open drum chamber.

Try to fill it completely for maximum capacity, but don't force too tightly.

An overstuffed drum can jam and fail to rotate properly.

Secure After Loading

Once fully loaded, turn the knob back to its locked position to close the port door.

The knob may need to be rotated a few times to properly lock into place.

Ensure the loading port is fully sealed before using the magazine.

Drum magazines require a bit more care when loading compared to standard box magazines. However, their massive ammo capacity makes managing the turning knob well worth it for extended uninterrupted firing.

Explained how the gel ball works in the magazine

Special Instructions for AK-Style Magazines

Magazines modeled after real AK (Avtomat Kalashnikova) rifle magazines feature a unique and more compact terminal door at the top rear for loading, rather than a larger top opening.

Locating the Smaller Door

On the top rear of the magazine body, look for a small hinged door or port cover.

This is the terminal loading door you'll need to open to access the feed tube.

Some models may have a locking switch or button to press to unlock the door.

Careful Loading Technique

Once the small door is unlocked and opened, you'll see the narrow feed tube inside.

Slowly pour gel balls one-by-one into this tube. Don't force too many at once.

The compact door opening requires gentle loading to avoid jamming balls in the tube.

Mind the Tight Space

Take your time refilling AK mags slowly through the tiny terminal door.

Don't overstuff, as the narrow feed tube can clog if packed too tightly.

Ensure the door closes and locks properly when done loading.

The small loading port makes AK-style magazines trickier to refill compared to larger doors. But a bit of patience in using the correct slow, controlled loading method will have you topping them off successfully.

Mastering Gel Blaster Magazine Loading for Enjoyment

Whether using a speedloader for gas blowback pistols, the top-loading door on SLRs, the simple rear access on standard mags, the turning knob system on drums, or the tiny terminal door on AKs - following the right methods prevents jams and damage. Don't risk ruining your gear and gameplay by taking shortcuts. Mastering these reloading skills ensures you can spend more time firing and less time fiddling with magazines. Commit the techniques to memory, and you'll maximize your blaster's performance and entertainment value every time you play.

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