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ZhenWeiQi ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Blaster

ZhenWeiQi ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Blaster

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US$ 75.99

The ZWQ S200 Can only ship to USA UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, EUrope, Russia


- Manual action reload with last round hold-open feature.

- Compact design, it's one of the smallest nerf pistol. length: 233mm, height: 188mm, width: 43mm, front height: 61mm.

- Ergonomic grip, injection molding made grip with high technique, increase the comfortability.

- Pull back distance is only 55mm, very effortless

- With top and bottom 20mm rail, can mounted wth laser, torch and sights.

- With integrated front & rear fiber sights.

- With metal cylinder and metal inner barrel.


Brand: zhen wei qi

Model: fire rat s200

Material: nylon

Color:  white; black transparent; gray; transparent orange; green; transparent blue; silver

Dart ammo size:  37*13mm

Cylinder size: 65*30mm (inner dia: 28mm)

Inner barrel size: 135*16mm (id: 13mm)

Weight: 0.5kg

Size:  233*188*43mm (L * H *W)


FPS: 110-130

Shooting range: 10-12 meters

Package included:

1x zwq s200 nerf gun

1x original nylon mag

These are the ZWQ S200 Upgrade parts, metal mag and springs:

Metal charging handle:


Customer Reviews



Purchased 4 mags at ~$9.60/each with 20% off discount code. Shipping was free and there was no state taxes
Took around 3 weeks from day of order to arrive to me in Washington State.
Packaging was nice and it had a styrofoam mold to it inside if a cardboard box.

These seem to be B-grade mags compared to mags I’ve seen online from elsewhere, and are noticeably more “rushed” than the mag included with the S200 I also bought from ZhenduoToys. So its a good idea to have some plastic lubricant and a set of needle files for smooth loading and feeding. The spring in these though us about the same as the mag included with the fire rat, which is to say it is kinda weak and cheap. Not only is the mag thin (which is understandable) but the build material and quality are both poor, so if you have the money I’d splurge for the metal mags.

Before lubing and filing the loading and feeding was not smooth especially after 4-6 rounds. Feeding occasionally hiccuped even if fired casually and deliberately.
After a few minutes of lubing and filing it fired fine. Keep in mind the diameter of these is pretty skinny compared to Worker half length mags so loading had to be more deliberate.

Overall I bought this because it was on sale, shipping was free and I was in no rush to get it. At $12/ea it is more expensive than Monkee mods at $6.25/ea but shipping was free while shipping to monkee mods to me is $20+ minimum (albeit monkee mods shipping is faster). I do believe that Monkee mods mags are newer gen and likely have better quality control. I am awaiting for US-based retailers like Out Of Darts to stock these so I can get a cheaper price, better QC and faster shipping.
Despite language barriers, Customer service from Zhenduotoys was excellent.


Brilliant blaster, this is my second one. Ship in a few weeks, not too fast but acceptable (to Australia). Slight damage to the box but overall the blaster is perfect. Comes with a few ZWQ darts, not great but usable.


Great Blaster, took a month to get here ini Italy but it was worth the wait.
Feels very good in hands and it's a pleasure to use.
I would have liked the option to have an orange tip
Service:awesome! thx for your feedback, hope you enjoy it! thanks!


Great seller! Great communication and would purchase again.


Top notch quality. Very accurate to 30 feet. Just right!


It is a really cool blaster for plinking ! Stock performances are 120+ FPS and the slide is so smooth, I don't want to mod it. Nice product. Buy another mag if you wanna play tacticool reloading. :)


Love my fire rat. Got the metal up grade parts but had to have another turn around sent to me because the 2 big screws that hold the whole front together strip to easy and i cant use the blaster as of now till my replacement shows up. Still love this blaster well worth it. Hope they add upgrade springs to this. I see they already have some for other blasters.


Amazing blaster and value. Was going to buy a Zinc, but bought 2 of these instead. Took 21 days to get to Florida but was well worth the wait. Will be buying 1 more as well as stocking up on mags.
Service:glad to hear that! hope you enjoy the s200 blaster. we sell both the original and metal mags of it


Won't let me upload pictures LAME.
Service:this is so cool! 100fps out of box, can be updated to get a higher fps!


I bought the pink blaster. The delivery was 20 days to Canberra, AUSTRALIA.

Injection molded plastic is clean, the rubber grip is nice, and the trigger and magazine release is smooth. The plastic magazine is a bit finickly to load with darts, and insert into the grip. It gets caught on the release lug if you don't insert it perfectly straight.
The size is slightly bigger than a Dart Zone Mk2 pistol. I suggest you paint the front orange if you are going to use this in public places like the park. The black version would look very realistic from a distance.

Stock darts are terrible, they fell apart after first shot.....pity...they looked really good.
I tested Worker Gen3 darts exclusively, they work well at 92-99 fps.

Not sure if I will buy any of the aluminium upgrades - my friend at customs tells me that metal magazines are classed as 'replica firearms' which are illegal in Australia if you don't have a license.
I will definatly look at modding the spring though - I want this to shoot as hard as my DZP Mk2 and SPAMF.

I have lots of Nerf blasters, Rival & Gel.
For half the price of a Dark Zone Mk2 pistol - this was a good buy if your on a budget - or want something that feels realistic.
I really wanted the ZINC 2.0 but at $300AU - Buying my DZP Mk2 and FireRat was still cheaper LOL.



Great blaster. Fits in an adult hand very well. I like the grip better then the Gecko blaster. It's injection molded to last longer too. Photo compares the S200 to the Gecko and Zinc 2.0
Service:thanks for reviewing the s200. it's really cool! the fire rat grip have an ergonomic design, comfortable to hold in hand


the power is fine


Toy is like the real one. The material also hard nylon. I love it.


the zwq s200 blaster works good, gonna buy its upgrades now


My boys love this s200 nerf gun too much. They fight over who is using it. It also comes with beautiful packing. So far no issues and we have had it for over a month


Great!! I probably should order another 1 to make the playing field even


Worth it!!!


My son loved this toy upon opening it for his birthday, and the love continues after a few weeks of play.


A little bit long time to deliver, but well worth the effort!


Received my s200 gun on Monday October 26 , opened it, played for about two hours, all my communities come to ask where did I got this.