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ZWQ S200 Metal Upgrade Parts

ZWQ S200 Metal Upgrade Parts

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US$ 14.99

fit for the zhenweiqi zwq s200 nerf foam blaster

material: CNC alloy

Type: mag release; mag well; patter head; hold-open part; upper silide; release part; 1.6 or 1.8mm spring; metal magazine; bronze barrel; metal dart pusher; metal prime block set; metal t-piece; cylinder

package: 1x metal upgrade part

Customer Reviews



Parts are good quality. Packages included extra screws and springs. Took a while to be delivered but it’s an international package so that’s expected. In my opinion this blaster is on the more difficult end of assembly/disassembly. Keep that in mind when buying.


-1.6 Spring Follow up review-
I believe the stock spring is the 1.6 - after a month of playing I've lost 10fps - and the pistol is shooting 89-99fps again. Which is basically what stock pistol was shooting. Skip this and go for the 1.8 spring instead.

-Slide Release-
I find these give more grip than the stock slide releases. But your fingers don't sit as deep in on the slide when you prime.
NOTE: They are a real PITA to install. You need to hold the spring in place while you line up the pin - then push the retaining pin back through the spring and alloy part. Do you need em?....mmmm....Personal preferance IMO.

-1.8 Spring-
After installing the 1.8 spring, the prime is noticably harder. FPS = 122-126. I'll see if the spring breaks-in after a month of use. Hopefully it will stay in the 120fps range. No internal alloy upgrades required....yet!. If you like to MOD - then you want this upgrade now. Its cheap and easy to install.

-Brass Barrel (stock length 134mm)-
The stock aluminium barrel was loose - used Gen 3 darts would drop right through. The Brass barrel has a tighter fit so they they don't fall out if you carry the pistol primed. If you are using NEW darts every time - you will probably be okay with the stock aluminium barrel. But I use darts at lease 2-3 time before they break. The used darts seemed snug in the brass barrel. I wish it was slightly tighter still. Another cheap but decent upgrade.
NOTE:the Pistol is slightly front heavy with the brass barrel installed. But it looks so cool!