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UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 79.99

The UDL xm1014 foam dart blaster can only ship to the USA from the US warehouse

And from China to UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe, Russia.

UDL Xm1014 Foam Blaster Features:

- manual pump action UDL XM1014 shell ejecting shotgun foam dart blaster!

- the udl xm1014 shotgun blaster shoots soft bullet foam darts, which can absorb on glass, ceramic and metal surface.

- its extandable butt stock with 4 levels adjustable.

- After the upgrade spring installed, it can shoot stronger and longer.


Brand: u dao li

Model: xm1014 beneli

Material: nylon

Capacity: 6 shells

Ammo type: 4.5cm or 5cm darts

Shooting range: 8-10m

Firepower: 70FPS

length: 100cm

weight: 1.6kg

Package size: 79*29*9.5cm

Standard Version Package of the udl xm1014 dart blaster:

1x udl xm1014 shell ejecting foam blaster

6x ejecting shells

10x half length darts

10x suction darts

1x screwdriver

1x safety glasses

1x pair of gloves

Full review is here:

Here are the benelli xm1014 blaster upgrades

xm1014 foam blaster spring:

decoration shells:

Red/Green Holographic sight:

torch clip

Gel ball shooting shell converter kit:

UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)
Quantity: 2
US$ 88.08US$ 88.98
Save: US$ 0.90

Customer Reviews



The safety broke so I couldn’t fire the rifle for a long time I opened it and broke the rifle the screws destroyed my Allen keys, but zhenduo is promising me a new one and also new allenkeys, hopefully this issue will be fine by the other:3


The shotgun's shell ejecting feature is so awesome. It sometimes jams, but it has a great military-like feel.


Arrived on time. Works great, has a good weight to it, love the mechanics and built very much to scale to the real deal!
Service:glad to hear that it's a great great shell ejecting shotgun nerf blaster. the xm1014 benelli is designed well and upgradeable. enjoy!


I like this blaster, its pump action is very smooth, and much of the blaster seems to be made not just from injection molded plastic, but METAL! Can't wait to try and upgrade the spring though, as it fires at around 70 fps like a standard dart blaster out of the box, also you should pick up additional shells with it.
Service:great to hear from you, Jones. The Benelli blaster is super cool and has the potential to upgrade, it's high quality material made! have a nice day!