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Top 5 Must-Have Gel Blaster Gear Before Joining Battle

When playing with advanced toy guns like gel blasters and airsoft, it is a good thing to have some gear that could come in handy. Because there are many gears out there that bring many benefits to your gameplay. So if you are still unaware of these gears, you are missing out a lot. Therefore for people who do not know them, this post will be a great help. Since it contains some of the most popular gel blaster gear that could improve the way you play. And it also contains some gear that will bring you much-needed protection to your body as well.

So let's go through this list of gel blaster gear and find out why you need to have them while playing. And later on, we will tell you the best place to buy these gears as well. Therefore you can have the best time while playing with your gel blasters.

5 Gel Blaster Gear You Need to Have!

1. Extra Magazines with holder

Extra magazines with gel balls can help you to continuously play with your gel blasters without refilling. Since it can be a handy tool when it comes to playing with your friends at gel blaster arenas. Because the gel ball refilling process takes a bit of time and is difficult to do on the move. But having extra magazines will allow you to stay in the field for a long time without needing a refill. However, you might have to buy an extra pouch to hold these magazines for accessibility. Because it is impractical to hold them in your hands or a backpack when you are playing with these toy guns. And that is why both the magazines and the pouch are some of the most important gel blaster gear one can have.

2. Holsters

A holster for your side toy gun like a pistol is also a necessary piece to have in your kit. Because you never know when you run out of ammo in your main toy gun while you are playing. So you can easily switch to your toy pistol while you are playing to shoot your target. And this will enhance your gameplay and make it more fun to play with gel blaster toy guns. Also, it adds a more realistic feeling to your gameplay. Therefore holsters have become a popular piece to have on a gel blaster gear kit that many enjoy.

But when you are buying a holster make sure that it fits your side toy gun perfectly. Because if it is not easily accessible then it will become utterly useless to have one. Since if you were to struggle while getting your side gun while you are playing, then you will miss out on a chance to shoot your target while opening yourself to easily be a target. So make sure to get the right holster for your gel blaster toy pistol to enjoy the most out of this gel blaster gear.

3. Vests

Even though gel balls are much more non-lethal than toy gun ammo like pellets that you find in airsoft, there is a chance that you might get hurt when it's close range. So wearing a safety vest can help you avoid the chances of you getting hurt. And not only that, you can use some extra pouches found in the vest to store your magazines. This is a major benefit to have in a playing environment as we discussed above. Safety vests also increase the realistic feeling while you are playing with toy guns as you know a feature that many likes when it comes to playing with airsoft and gel blaster toy guns.

Overall, a vest is a nice gel blaster gear to have when you are playing with these toy guns. So make sure you get one before your next visit to a gel blaster arena or a playing field. And it will greatly help you to enhance your game while adding more fun.

4. Safety goggles

A pair of safety goggles is a must-have safety gear when it comes to playing with gel blasters. Since our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and it doesn't take much to harm this organ. Especially, ammo that travels super fast like gel balls and airsoft can do a lot of damage to our eyes. Even if the gel balls contain mostly water, the damage that they can do is still high. So make sure you get quality safety goggles when you are buying gel blasters. And it will give you the much-needed protection your eyes need when playing with these toy guns.

But make sure you buy a pair of high-quality safety goggles for your gel blaster gear kit. Because most goggles on the market are faulty and will not provide good protection to your eyes. So make sure you do a lot of research when it comes to buying these gear. But some good vendors do provide a safe pair of goggles for free when buying their gel blasters.

5. Battery holders

Since all gel blasters require batteries to operate, it is a must-have if you are planning to play for a long time. Because you will never know when you run out of batteries while you are playing. And it is always good to have some extra batteries in your pouches, so you can continue to have fun with your friends. But if you do not have them, then you need a recharge or go straight back home. So it will disrupt you from having a good and fun time, and it can be really unsatisfactory. However, if you were to have some extra batteries, then you won't have to stop having fun with your friends.

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