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STD 5S Gel Blaster (US Stock)

STD 5S Gel Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 52.79
US$ 65.99 Save US$ 13.20 (20% Off)

The std 5s gel blaster can ship to USA from US warehouse.

And from China to Russia, UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Euorpe, Russia

The std 5s viper gel ball blaster is a m4 style toy gun. It's a great blaster for beginners for good reasons. The 5s gel blaster has a stable performance and simple construction with reasonable price. It has iconic scrren to show remaining voltage so you can know when to change the battery. The package comes with big drum magazine and rich accessories for more fun.


- the std 5s gel blaster is a rifle toy gun with a large drum mag.

- Stretchable Rear Butt, the most comfortable position can be adjusted.
- Equipped with LED screen to display residual power.

- rich accessories included: foregrip, front & rear sight, holographic sight and flashlight.


Brand: skd/std

Version: 5s dufeng

Model: cs-0911
Gel Ball Size: 7-8 mm

Fire mode: full automatic
Capacity: 1000 gel balls
Material: ABS + electronic components
Size: 75*24*3 cm
Package Size: 60 x 11.5 x 32.5 cm



Firepower:  220 FPS

Firing Range: 15-20 meters

Firing Speed: 15 rps (7.4v) 20 rps (11.1v)

1x STD 5S Gel Ball Blaster body
1x goggles
1x 7.4V Lipo battery with usb cable
1x Adjustable infrared sight

1x torch

1x orange tip

2x Fishbone Side Rail
1x gel ball storage bottle
1x pack of gel balls

upgrades for std 5s

stick  magazine:

11.1v 370 motor:

Upgrade gearbox with 12v motor:

STD 5S Gel Blaster (US Stock)
Quantity: 4
US$ 185.57US$ 218.76
Save: US$ 33.19

Customer Reviews



Fun especially for the price. Took a bit to get delivered. Overall great for its price


I am from Northern Ireland. This is Quality gun 👍🏻
Good points
- The normal mag is massive
- It shoots fast, not as far as the Vector V2 though
- accurate
- build quality is good but plastic may break easy
- doesn’t miss a shot
- lightweight

Bad points
- better plastic could be used


 I’ve never tried one of these gel blaster splatter guns before, so I thought it would be fun to try out and see if my nephews would like something like this some day. I like how the battery is usb chargeable, you remove the small battery and charge it anywhere. The directions said four hours max charge, so that’s what I did. The splatter gun came in several pieces and was easy to put together. The directions had very nice pictures to help set everything up. I had everything set up very quickly. I made a batch of splatter balls and went out to test it out. The splatter balls load into a large round chamber which is removable for loading. You have to pull back on a lever on the top of the gun to prime the splatter balls and then it is ready to go. The splatter gun fired easily and was very accurate. It was really a lot of fun. I could fire it clear across my yard (30 yds) and it fires fully automatic - a continuous stream of splatter balls. The only thing that surprised me was how much the splatter balls hurt at close range. I did a test fire on my leg (I had jeans on) from 10 feet away and it stung. I would definitely recommend being far apart when you spray each other with these water filled splatter balls. Also eye protection is a must. I would not want one of these splatter balls anywhere near my eyes. But overall, this is a lot of fun! It’s like a junior edition of paintball with water. I like it!


First I would like to say I am pleasantly surprised how accurate the design this is compare to a real AR: the mag release, safety, charging handle, adjustable stock, angled fore grip, holosight and front iron sight. This would be a great educational tool for real firearm training.

Now to discuss the gel shooter aspect: it shoots FAR and it HURTS. Please make sure you have the eye protection on at all times. As of the gel beads, make sure you use a LARGE bucket to soak them over night. I made a mistake to use a regular to go container and the beads spilled it everywhere. I would recommend over filled the bucket with the beads over night. The non fully grown beads will cause jamming.


If you are in the market for a gel gun this is it! The gun is well made with a lot of fun options that just makes it fun to use.

The battery life is a lot longer than I expected and it comes with enough gel balls to last a LONG time.

I love the solid black and the flashlight accessory and the kids and I have had so much fun playing with it. It’s powerful though so you can’t shoot anyone close up or it will hurt!


Really cool gel blaster. Realistic gun with a drum clip and an extended stock. Equipped with a flashlight for those late night games. Very durable quality plastic gun with tactical features.


Has a nice sight and a large capacity of gel balls. Nice fire grip too


Se cobra el envío?
Service:it's free shipping


how can you trace your parcel?
Service:Hello, there will be a tracking number when the goods are shipped.


is it possible to send it to France?
Service:yes we can


Hey can you put a holographic sight on this ???
Service:sure you can


Does it have free shipping to uk or will you charge extra fees at the door
Service:yeah it's free shipping


Batteries did not stay charged long


The boys like them


Easy to use, easy to put together. Easy to shoot far range


Was not very happy for the price


My son was thrilled that this gun came with an extra battery and lots of ammo! Customer service team was excellent as well!


This shoots great, easy to reload


Easy to use for my 10 year old. I bought 3 different guns and it gets my 10,11, and 16 year old outside for hours with each other. Would by again


It worked great only the first day