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What kind of Gel Balls Should You Buy for Gel Blasters?

The gel balls play in a vital role in the performance of the gel blaster. Picking up the right size and high quality water bead ammo will surely benefit your blaster power and range. Different gel balls can grow into different size and various hardness. In this article from zhenduo gel blaster shop, we will let you know how to pick the suitable gellets for your gel ball gun.

1. Picking gel balls that fit into the size of gel blaster's inner barrel

  • Gel balls with diameter of 7-8mm

This type of gel balls fits most gel blasters. Depends on the inner barrel diameter of your gel blaster, you may pick this one or others. If you have an M4, your inner barrel is likely 7.5 meters, you can pick this type of gel balls and hygrate them for 3 hours, so that the gel balls grow into around 7.2-7.5mm in diameters.

  • Gel balls with diameter of 6-7mm

This type of gel balls suits AUG and some specially assembled gel blasters that strive for FPS performance (feet per second), because the length of the inner barrel of these gel blasters will be around 7.0mm. You may still use the gel balls that can grows to 7-8mm, but you should only hydrate them for 2-2.5 hour. 

2. Pick hardened gel balls for higher velocity

With harden gel balls, you can shoot faster, and improve the shooting speed by 20-50FPS. However, improved shooting speed does not necessarily means improved accuracy.

Be aware that harden gel balls will takes longer time to be hydrated, it can takes 6 hours or more to grow into 7mm.

On the other hand, if you are in a CQB battle (close-quarters battle), the normal gel balls may already satisfied your needs as you will have automatic mode on for your gel gun, which use up the gel balls quickly. And as you battle in a short distance, you actually don't need to shoot with the harden gel balls which is generally cost more.

Where I can buy the best gel balls in USA and Puerto Rico?

You can buy gel balls from zhenduo Gel Blaster online hobby shop.

Zhenduo Gel Blaster has awesome gel balls for your order at a friendly price. If you have questions regarding gel balls, click the chatbox in the right bottom to chat with us.

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