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What is a Gel Blaster Gearbox?

With the sudden popularity of Gel Blasters in Australia, people have shown a great interest in their maintenance. So people have started learning to do their own upgrades and maintenance on their gel blasters. But many find some difficulty when it comes to learning about the gel blaster gearbox. And that is why we came up with this article to help you understand this part of the gel blaster.

 Because if you do not provide enough attention to the gearbox while maintaining it, then it will ruin your toy gun. But with the help of this article, you will understand how important of a part it is in the toy gun. And also, you will learn what type of upgrades you can do for this gearbox through this post.

So to start the discussion on why need to properly pay attention to the gearbox while maintaining or upgrading your gel blasters, we will first identify what it is. Because you can't delve into this topic without clearly understanding about this part what it does.

What is a Gel Blaster Gearbox?

A gel blaster gearbox is a key internal component in a gel blaster, also known as a gel ball blaster or gelsoft blaster. These blasters are typically designed to shoot soft, water-filled gel balls and are used in recreational gaming and sports. The gearbox plays a critical role in the operation and performance of the gel blaster, similar to how a gearbox is crucial in airsoft or paintball guns.

The gel blaster gearbox serves several important functions:

  1. Power Transfer: It converts the rotational motion from the motor into linear motion to push the gel balls through the barrel and out of the blaster.

  2. Gel Ball Feeding: The gearbox can include a mechanism to feed the gel balls from the magazine into the firing chamber.

  3. Rate of Fire Control: Some gearboxes are designed to control the rate of fire by adjusting the speed at which the gears turn, affecting how fast the blaster fires gel balls.

  4. Spring Tension: The gearbox often houses a spring that determines the blaster's power or velocity. Heavier springs generate more power, while lighter springs reduce the power of the shots.

  5. Safety Mechanisms: Safety features, such as trigger and gearbox locks, can be integrated into the gearbox to ensure safe use.

Gel blaster gearboxes are available in various designs, including both mechanical and electronic systems. Some blasters have upgradeable or customizable gearboxes, allowing enthusiasts to modify their blasters for improved performance, accuracy, and rate of fire. However, it's essential to understand the local laws and regulations regarding the use of gel blasters, as these devices may be subject to different rules in different regions.

The Gearbox Motor

The gel blaster motor is the part that determines how much faster you can shoot the gel balls towards your target. Because it produces enough power using RPM to propel the gel balls forward inside the toy gun. Also, it determines how much distance you can shoot the gel balls as well. 

As a result, this part is also a key factor that helps the toy gun to operate just like the gearbox. You can upgrade the gel blaster motor to higher RPM to increase these effects. And that is why you can see many gel blaster enthusiasts upgrading the motor of their gel blaster. Because sometimes the in-built motor that comes with the gel blaster might not be up to the standard you want to have the best of fun.

So in these instances, you can go ahead and upgrade your gel blaster motor. But make sure to find a motor that is compatible with your gel blaster. Because if they aren't compatible then both the gearbox and the motor won't function. Therefore, keep in mind to buy a motor that is compatible with your gearbox from gel blaster vendors.

The Gel Blaster Battery

Next up is the gel blaster battery that provides power to all these parts inside the gel blaster. You can upgrade the battery to a new one that has more voltage and duration to extend your playing time by a great margin. Because if the battery duration is short and always required recharge, then it won't be practical. So people who want to play a long session tend to change their batteries to new ones. Again you need to be careful here as well since you need to buy a battery that supports the gel blaster motor.

Because some motors require specific voltages to operate. So if you are not able to meet this demand with a compatible set of batteries, then the motor won't be able to operate at its maximum potential. Therefore make sure to buy a compatible battery to support your motor when you are choosing the upgrades.


After reading the above post, you can understand it is not an easy task to do your own upgrades. Because everything is intertwined with each other as an overall system that shoots out gel balls at the end. And that is why have to be careful when upgrading and maintaining the gel blaster gearbox and everything else that comes with it. Lastly, if you are planning to buy gel blaster accessories, then make sure to find a good vendor that has all the specifications and expertise you need.

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