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UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 79.99

The UDL xm1014 foam dart blaster can only ship to the USA from the US warehouse

And from China to UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe, Russia.

UDL Xm1014 Foam Blaster Features:

- manual pump action UDL XM1014 shell ejecting shotgun foam dart blaster!

- the udl xm1014 shotgun blaster shoots soft bullet foam darts, which can absorb on glass, ceramic and metal surface.

- its extandable butt stock with 4 levels adjustable.

- After the upgrade spring installed, it can shoot stronger and longer.


Brand: u dao li

Model: xm1014 beneli

Material: nylon

Capacity: 6 shells

Ammo type: 4.5cm or 5cm darts

Shooting range: 8-10m

Firepower: 70FPS

length: 100cm

weight: 1.6kg

Package size: 79*29*9.5cm

Standard Version Package of the udl xm1014 dart blaster:

1x udl xm1014 shell ejecting foam blaster

6x ejecting shells

10x half length darts

10x suction darts

1x screwdriver

1x safety glasses

1x pair of gloves

Full review is here:

Here are the benelli xm1014 blaster upgrades

xm1014 foam blaster spring:

decoration shells:

Red/Green Holographic sight:

torch clip

Gel ball shooting shell converter kit:

UDL XM1014 Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)
Quantity: 2
US$ 88.08US$ 88.98
Save: US$ 0.90

Customer Reviews



The shotgun's shell ejecting feature is so awesome. It sometimes jams, but it has a great military-like feel.


Arrived on time. Works great, has a good weight to it, love the mechanics and built very much to scale to the real deal!
Service:glad to hear that it's a great great shell ejecting shotgun nerf blaster. the xm1014 benelli is designed well and upgradeable. enjoy!


The box came with limited instructions and i have to find xm1014 assembly instruction vid on youtube. the quality is great though


Great practice rifle for age appropriate children. A very complete kit. Durable rifle that is easy setup and comfortable to hold. Good length and weight. A great Christmas gift idea. Trigger doesn’t stick etc. Pretty accurate for a toy. Fun to use. A nice looking rifle. Looks and feels close to the real thing in my observation.


I like this blaster, its pump action is very smooth, and much of the blaster seems to be made not just from injection molded plastic, but METAL! Can't wait to try and upgrade the spring though, as it fires at around 70 fps like a standard dart blaster out of the box, also you should pick up additional shells with it.
Service:great to hear from you, Jones. The Benelli blaster is super cool and has the potential to upgrade, it's high quality material made! have a nice day!


Great feel and weight, and shipped from US stock


The internal parts are made of one of the cheapest plastics I’ve seen. but they can sell the melal piston upgrades, which would fix that


I've been having a lot of fun with this xm1014 benelli shotgun. If you learn how to operate it properly, it can be very enjoyable.The appearance is top notch for a toy gun. It looks very much like the real life Benelli M4 it's based on. The color scheme is just gorgeous. The blue and white patterns give the gun a pleasant and masculine look, in stark contrast to the annoyingly bright and ridiculously colored toy guns you find in so many stores.

It's complete with sights and a picatinny rail on top, along with a comfortable and solid looking grip and bump stock. All the sounds, from the loading and the firing to the pump action, are very satisfying. The simulated functions are very impressive. The shells are loaded as they would be in a real shotgun. You even need to chamber one shell to get the last shell loaded. The first shell can be loaded directly into the ejection port or through the loading port and then pumped.

A solid pump back and forward will eject a spent shell and load a new one. With regard to operation, there's a few tips and tricks you'll have to learn by trial and error to get the gun to run smoothly. The sliding forestock needs to be pumped solidly and consistently. Doing it weakly, stopping part of the way, or otherwise pumping unevenly will cause the nerf shotgun to jam, usually by a shell getting stuck partway out of the ejection port. But once you get the science behind the pump action down, functionality is fairly good, to the point where you can even rapid fire without interruption. When loading shells, they need to be angled slightly down towards the bottom of the gun to enter smoothly. Just pressing them forward without angling them will very often prevent them from getting past the lock mechanism. Assembly is pretty straightforward, but the instructions are in Chinese?.

Basically, you just need to screw a rod through the back of the grip and into the main body of the gun, then attaching the bump stock to the rod. I wouldn't recommend messing around with the black piece on the rod. I popped it off thinking that might be part of the assembly process, which made a spring pop out whose role and position wasn't super evident.The biggest issue with the gun is the sub par force of the bullet. There's a substantial drop even when firing into the next room. This makes the sights somewhat superfluous. You could say it enforces the close quarters nature of a xm1014 nerf gun, but it will be disappointing if you're trying to fire accurately at range.But overall this is such a joy to have. I always leave it out and like to mess around with it in my spare minutes. The friends are impressed. I would have loved this as a kid, over my obnoxiously bright green and orange double barrel!


The good: Looks impressive. Good heft and seems reasonably well put together.
The not so good: You have to rack this thing hard to get the shell to clear the ejection port, otherwise it'll hang and interfere with the new one coming in. The range is...not there a lot of the time. Occasionally I'll get one to go across the living room. The instructions are a little hard to follow. Thankfully there's a youtube video on how to put it together.
Yes, it's pretty cool looking, the action is okay (as long as you strongarm it), but is it worth the price? I'm going to have to say no - with one caveat: It's good for teaching someone how to work a shotgun without having to worry about someone getting seriously injured in the process. If you're looking for something to take to the next nerf war, then no.It MIGHT be good for a cosplay (if the con you're at allows it).


Stock wobbles too much for my liking, the part of the button that slides into the slots of the button must not be the right size. Otherwise the only thing wrong is that it doesn't have a micro driver to put on the charging handle. If I'm just a strange outlier then go for it. Also innovrtions.


Although the internal packaging let the contents get a bit jumbled, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the little assembly that this xm1014 needed was supplemented by a proper Phillips head screwdriver, right in the box, where most companies would give you either a crappy strip of metal with a Phillips tip, or not at all.After assembly, following the instructions which, while in Chinese, I think?
Were still decipherable, I was left with a hefty pump action shotgun that lent itself a certain level of awe- this is a quality build, with little expense spared. My only regret is I'm not sure where I'd buy spare shells for this gun, but otherwise, this has to be the highest quality dart gun in my collection.


Being a big gun guy and a huge fan of I had to have this shotgun. Like the other reviewers said there is a little assembly required and the directions are pretty much useless, however it is easy to put together without the instructions. The gun is very well made from quality material, it’s not your typical cheap plastic piece of garbage like a majority of toy guns on the market today.

The functions are just like a real shotgun including being able to chamber a round and then add an additional shell to the tube. The butt stock is adjustable for length of Pull and the shells are loaded just like a real shotgun. Once the Nerf dart is shot and the Gun is racked the shell is ejected for reuse from the ejection port.
This toy shotgun is great for any gun lover of any age. With the current ammo crisis going on this is a good way to keep up with your skills at home or for the beginner who is learning the fundamentals of the shotgun.


Its nice xm1014 nerf gun, took me few minutes to put it together out of the box. I do wish it come with more darts because it does shoot them pretty quick. It is a little hard to reload for me, so it is way harder for my 10 years old son. This one is for him and he likes it, but I may buy another one better than this. It does not seem to launch darts strongly because suction cup darts cannot stick to smooth surfaces most of the time. The rails are wider than Nerf rails but with some creative filing, I could make the rails work with Nerf attachments or use these attachments on a Nerf rail. The fore-stock and buttstock fit my liking style without any fitment issues. I will see how it endures a session with my kids for next few months.


This toy 1014 nerf shotgun is a good training tool for kids to develop proper safety habits, carrying techniques, and shooting stance. The foam bullets are soft enough not to hurt anyone.
Once a child is proven with this toy, you can feel much more comfortable introducing a real shotgun. Everything works impressively similar to a real shotgun so if you are familiar with shotguns, you will easily be able to figure out this toy. The instructions are not in english but the diagrams are enough to figure it out. You only need to install 1 big screw to get everything put together and it even comes with a screwdriver for it. There is a bolt handle that installs with a tiny screw so you'll need a micro-screwdriver.

The pump action works pretty well although it doesn't eject the spent casing totally reliably. You have to pump it with a good amount of force otherwise the casing is likely to get jammed in the chamber. Even with proper force, sometimes the casing gets jammed anyway. Any kid older than 8yo should have the strength to work it properly.-The shotgun can handle 5 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber which is pretty impressive. You load it just like a real gun by sliding the shells into the spring-loaded magazine from the bottom. Then you can put the last shell in the chamber.

It shoots foam bullets very well. You have to preload the shells with the foam darts. A strong spring will shoot out the dart when you pull the trigger. It only goes about 10 feet so it's not going to hurt anyone. You then pump-action to chamber the next round.-There is a safety button near the trigger just like a real gun although it works opposite of my real gun as if it was designed for a lefty. The safety does not have a red mark to signify ready to fire as it is painted all black.-The sights are not positioned properly. The rear sight can't be seen when you hold the shotgun in a typical shooting stance with the butt against your shoulder. This might be the only design flaw of this gun.

Weight of the gun is very light and easy for any child to handle.-You can even attach accessories like a real gun. There are locations to attach a sling which I've done and works well. There is a picatinny rail which should allow you to attach a red-dot sight or light. I haven't tried this yet. The rail is made of plastic so may not be super solid.


Ok so there is some assembly involved. The instructions that was included are in Chinese and no way easy to follow. Let me say the pistol grip goes on and then add the long spring that will be held in with a screw. Once the screw is in place you can then add the stock. It took me a bit of looking it over before I figured it out. It’s really not hard but dang your selling a product in the US. Update the directions to English.

This shotgun is pretty cool. It has really good weight to it and darn near feels like the real thing. It’s a pump action soYou load the wheels and after shooting the shell will be ejected. It’s like shooting the real thing. It even has a safety which mine don’t work. Maybe it’s only for show I don’t know. There is a pic rail on top which is cool because you can add a sight or tactical flashlight with a laser sight. One of my main issues is it doesn’t shoot that hard. It might shoot the nerf shell 10 feet and that’s about it. It will be hard for my son to play nerf war with someone when he has to get within 10 feet to shoot them.
If it’s windy it will just blow away. It’s just weak. I honestly feel that this is way overpriced. Yes it’s great quality and the concept behind it is awesome but at the same time it hardly even shoots a foam dart. I guess if your willing to pay this price then go for it. I mean it does work. I have shot it several times and it don’t jam up at all. I’m just not happy with the overall outcome but that’s me. Someone else may feel differently.


It preforms really well, and also cones with all the items included to use the shotgun nerf, price is really cheaper than anywhere else, really nice shotgun. Get spring upgrades can make it powerful


Good nerf gun for nerf lovers, made mostly of metal and strong materialworks well and is properly lubed


the pump handguard is comfortable to use, love it so much!
took a photo, hope it can help, the size is decent.
really can have a great time shooting it at someone you don't like!


arrived quickly, this xm1014 is same to the ads, very nice quality. really had a great time! thank you


wonderful! it was for my 11 yeas old son birthday gift. but found out that adults love it too, very unique shotgun style nerf blaster, maybe i will buy other toy guns here!