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RX AK102 Unboxing: Exploring the Tactical World of ZhenDuo's Toy AK Arsenal!

The AK series has always held a special place in zhenduo's heart. Today, we're unboxing the AK102, and I tell you, this toy comes packed with more layers than a Russian doll. You'll need a tiny sword—or a pocket knife—to cut through all the packaging ties just to get to this baby.

Once you finally liberate it, every boy instinctively knows how to assemble it. This toy gun is all black, with enough metal to make you rethink using it for anything other than play. Trust me; it belongs indoors!

When installing the stock, a bit of muscle might come in handy. You'll need to insert the pin here, and you might even consider a tiny hammer for this epic task.

The folder stock release button folds conveniently right here.

Lift the cover on the handguard, and that's where the toy's power resides.

But hold your horses; before you rush off to the Russian-Ukrainian frontlines, let's explore a bit more.

Check the front sight, adjustable, and below it there is a level switch to open battery covre.

Mag release, smooth as butter.

On the flip side of the AK102, the stock latch, with every detail perfectly replicated. Russian aesthetics at its finest!

The rails built on handguard, side rail, and top rail all turn this toy into a tactical AK wonder.

Lucky for us, we can still get our hands on such toys. Check them out at

You'll be delighted to know that the receiver upper cover is interchangeable. Let's even make a video about its cover-opening design! Check it out at our store!

The magazines are also interchangeable, just like a fun jigsaw puzzle.

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