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LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster (US Stock)

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US$ 128.79
US$ 139.99 Save US$ 11.20 (8% Off)

The kriss vector gel blaster can ship from US stock to USA,

And From China to UK, Australia, Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Europe, Russia

A Kriss Vector Gel Blaster is a type of toy gun that is designed to resemble the Kriss Vector submachine gun. Built with a unique gearbox, the lehui vector gel ball blaster has a high velocity and great rate of fire. It's full nylon made and upgradable. The version comes with rich accessories to make it more realistic.

- 1:1 scale full nylon constructed kriss vector gel blaster.
- Well designed/ Attention to Detail/ Quality Build.
- Next-Gen High-Performance V2 Gearbox.
- Mag Fed.
- Mag Primer.
- Foldable Stock.
- Vertical Foregrip.
- Tactical LED Flashlight.
- Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight.
- Holographic Scope.

Brand: lehui

Model: kriss vector gel blaster

Material: nylon

Firing Modes: Single; 3-Shot Burst; Full Auto
Gel type: 7-8mm
Extended size: 77*36cm
box size: 56*38*13cm


Rate of fire: Up to 15 RPS
Fire power: 220-260 FPS
Shooting range: Approx. 25m 

Package contents:
1x illustrated Instructions with Chinese
1x LH Vector v2 gel blaster
1x Magazine Clip
5x 500 Pack of 7-8mm Gel Balls
1x Holographic Sight
1x Muzzle
1x Suppressor
1x Vertical Foregrip
1x Pack of Screws and Screwdriver
2x iron Sight
1x Sling Attachment
1x 7.4v Battery with USB charger

Kriss vector gel blaster upgrades:

gearbox metal upgrade set:

metal blackout kit:

double drum mag:

vector gel blaster hop up:

AEG buffer adapter:

battery extension cover:

11.1v 1200mah vector battery:

metal rails:

mag release extension:

metal barrel with tee:

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster (US Stock)
Quantity: 2
US$ 168.78US$ 178.78
Save: US$ 10.00

Customer Reviews



Honestly the most reliable blaster I have takes a 11.1v nicely and just has a great build quality and ships quick nothing to hate about this blaster.


This blaster is legit, it feels good to hold and shooting it feels awesome. It’s powerful. When I had a question about delivery I got a response in the same day. It shipped supper fast. I’d highly recommend this gel blaster
Service:thanks a lot for your recommendation! the vector is worth to get and really powerful.


Such a great blaster, definitely more of a performance blaster than not...


Super fun and quality blaster amazing first time blaster would recommend.


gun shoot verry good uhhhh it hi quality....yep


Really good quality


I am from Northern Ireland. This is Quality gun 👍🏻
Good points
- The normal mag is adequate for 20 mins of shooting
- It is powerful. shoots fast and far
- accurate
- build quality next to non
- really customisable

Bad points
- None yet 😁


well worth the price and high quality


Delivery honestly was longer then expected and updates was a day late but I finally got and damn this gel blaster got s I me power


I own several different kind of gel blasters, this one is by far the best. Quality is second to none and it is endless fun !


This gun has very good quality, i’ve used it for a little more then a week and have had no issues with it, does not jam at all. Just make sure you soak the balls for 5-6 hours for a better measure.


This is one awesome gel blaster, the quality is top notch and its really easy to assemble. The matte finish of the gun looks great, the weight of the gun is just right, not too heavy not too light. It shoots really fast, might be the fastest gel blaster I've used up to date, It also shoots really far, Its shooting further


great customer service and great gun overall very easy to assemble and it’s lowkey fun


The gel blaster is amazing. It was easy to assemble and get going, after charging the battery it shot far and the distance was pretty good. I like this product a lot and recommend it to others who are trying to have fun with it. It shoots accurate most of the time sometimes it’s off but that is to be expected but overall it is very fun to play with.


A well worth gel blaster that is not only accurate, but has good quality surrounding the tech inside. I 100% recommend this gun, but fair warning it is noticeable that the blaster is more powerful then other gell blasters.


Can the Kriss Vector ship to EU?
Specifically Central Europe.
Service:sorry it's overweight, cannot ship to central eu


I used this blaster for a few weeks now and it works amazing! Shoots really fast and works as described. It takes a while to create the balls but the more water they are in the better it comes out. Very happy with my purchase!


When my vector is gonna send the tracking number says that the package is not moving 👀


I ran a 11.1v battery in my vector and the mosfit burnt out. I knew this had the high potential to burn out with an 11.1 battery. But it really didn’t need it. The gun felt amazing till the mosfit went out about an hour in. Currently waiting to buy a new mosfit since I have the so upgrade parts I need to put in as well


I just bought it its on the way cant wait it was really easy to pay for it hopefully the blaster is really good