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HaoWei Jin Ming Glock X-1 Review

Written in the front: This review can be simply understood as "step on a shit". After all, Haowei's JM Glock X1  is a bit embarrassing except for the price and other features.

The Hao Wei (also known as Jinming’s children’s toy barnd) just rightly launched pistol X1/2 that resembled the 3dg glock17 appearance. At that time, someone even shouted, "I would rather Haowei Glock X1 than the 3dg g17". Today we will take a look at whether the Haowei guys that everyone is looking forward to really live up to expectations and can beat the 3dg industry out.

First of all, let’s review a benchmarking product two years ago, the SKD G18:

Advantages:  good hand feeling, suitable size, universal 7mm gels, good original factory performance, electric mag prime is useful for the skirmish

Disadvantages:  The screw hole reduces the appearance value, the size is slightly larger, it may be embarrassing, the blowback is awkard, the rate of fire is poor so that it even cannot be used as the main weapon (compared to SKD-1911)

Summary:  SKD-G18 is generally a pistol gel blaster with a balanced performance. There are no serious shortcomings for wargame or collection, except for the retail price is slightly too expensive. Overall, it is recommended to buy one.

At that time, I felt that the SKD Glock  was quite satisfied in other aspects except that the shooting performance was not up to the price. So, can Jinming Glock be able to superscript?

jm x1 glock package

unbox the jm glock x1

The appearance and configuration of the package are at a glance, um, except for the battery, flashlight, mag and body, the other parts can be thrown away. Note that X1/X2 correspond to the magazine/drum version respectively.

jm glock x1 manual

I believe no one will take a serious look at the front and back of the manual, right? ALso it's all in Chinese. But why it's called Submachine Gun? Isn't it because Boss of Jin Ming has any misunderstandings about SMG (everything can be taken as SMG )?

Finally came to the main show.

jm x1 glock flashlight

The original wire of the "power source" attached to the bottom supports only common 7.4v SM plugs, and there is a slot at the bottom for the plug. However, it should not be difficult to change 11.1v or higher (welding wire) by yourself, and the motor gear may also need to be replaced accordingly. The space in the warehouse is limited, and there may be insufficient space for the direct connection line.

jinming glock x1 gel blaster

Simply assembled it, it looks a bit like that (I will talk about it later). Note that the position of the dowel disassembly on the right is the switch. And, what is AUFTRLA?  The original sticker can be attached to the flashlight underneath. The gun light switch position is not friendly.

jinming x1 gel blaster

The sliding sleeve is very easy to disassemble, just pull it off. Disassembling the slide cover shows that it is a very nostalgic retro style pistol gearbox. Without disassembling it, I guess the internal configuration is about 4 years ago. The sliding sleeve re-entry spring is completely "placed" there (there is no positioning post for the re-entry rod).

The piston is small and pitiful, and probably there is something surprise on the airtightness and electric motors, but I still don't want to disassemble it.

The OUTSTANDING blowback of JM X series is realized by the linkage of the pump piston tenon (white protrusion) and the internal locking position (red protrusion) of the sliding sleeve. Because this toy blaster really simplifies the internal structure, it doesn't has a mosfet and a mechanical positioning.

I feel like I won the lottery. the mag ammo inlet cover is turned inwardly, will fix it by myself.

jm x-1 glock magazine

The design of the gel ball supply is nothing fancy, still the old desigb, just convenient for inspection. The ammunition capacity is not much, the same as the SKD glock i suppose.

The JM X-1 glock has no highlights in the original performance: the rate of fire (300rpm) is slower than that of SKD; the muzzle velocity( 35mps not much more) is lower than that of SKD. The keypoint is that there is almost no room for simple improvement in terms of the material and structural design of the gearbox. Even if there is an online retail price advantage, the X1 will still be beaten by the first generation of SKD G18, not to mention that the current SKD has upgraded the voltage and circuit stability. 

Compare with size, X1 is even more outrageous.

Compared with the 3DG, the Haowei X series is one circle bigger at any angle. Sure enough, what 3DG is doing is an electric model hahahaha.

With such a fat-sized JM glock, the FLUX buttstock can't be used, and even the few sets of plastic fast mag relase cover can't be used. So that would be  it, the x1 is not a very good performing blaster, although it has a good red black color. On the other hand, the JM x2 Glock is a better option as it has a drum mag, which can compensate the x1 cons a little bit.

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