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Gel Blaster Forum

The gel blaster forum is one of the best places to meet with other gel ball blaster enthuiasts, what you can benefit from the gel blaster forum is that you can get the latest news in the industry, new relasese, reviews, repairs info, share the builds, get the events information. And most important of all, you can ask question on the gel blasters issues and someone will kindly solve it

Here are famous gel blaster forums that are worthy to join!

Gel Blaster Forum - The world's no.1 Gel Blaster community

gel blater forum australia

Forum website:


Review: currently the biggest gel blaster forum that has the most active members in there.  Categories cover all aspects of the gel ball blasters, like tech talk, gbb, vendors, aeg, single action, hpa, local events, recommendation, how-to etc,.

You can easily search for the topic you interested in and create a topic conveniently.

Gel Blaster Reddit

gel blaster forum reddit

There are still some subreddit regarding the gel blaster worth to join.

Gel Blasters: Australia's Airsoft  (5.3k members)

Review: this is the biggest subreddit regarding gel ball blaster in reddit, you can post freely, but not recommend posting obvious ads content.

GelBlasterMarket (580 members)

Review: it's a buy and sell subreddit, members can post selling posts here, not many members in there though.

Other places that have gel blaster discussion section


gel blaster forum in whirlpool

Australia OCAU Forums

gel blaster forum in australia ocau

Reviews: not much people active in these gel blaster section on these forums, some latest topic is already years ago, not recommend join and make a topic there

Gel Blaster Forums in UK:

Airsoft Forums UK

airsoft forum uk

There is a section for gelsoft:

Gel Blaster Forum in Malaysia

gel blaster forum malaysia

you can find gel ball blaster topic on this malaysian forum

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